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Dungeon, Raiding Only MMORPG idea

Gamingtodaynews1e - Dungeon, Raiding Only MMORPG idea

Hello everyone,

I thought of a game type and can't seem to find any that already exists.

It's basically if Mythic+ and Raiding in WoW (mostly dungeons though) was a standalone game and you would strip the whole grinding and boring timegated stuff to get to the good part.

I mostly say that because I love the trinity and mmo gameplay but don't have time to get into one.

How I Imangined It would work and how my dream game would be:


You start as a level 1 ( choose class + race ) each class could be DPS/TANK/HEAL

You gain 1 level by finishing 1 dungeon and theres like 25 of them so max level is 25.

While leveling up you gain Skills and points for a talent tree

That would allow you to discover your class and the dungeons on a lower difficulty.


When you reach Max level wich would be 25, you start the "Mythic+" grind :

There would be 4 tier to begin with, each tier introduces a new modifier, each level just more health and damage from the enemies.

Tier 1 : going from +1 to +50

TIer 2 : +50 to +100

Tier 3 : +100 to +150

Tier 4 : +150 to 200

When you drop an item it goes to some kind of collection where you can create it with the biggest + you dropped it from. (it would not be enchanted or gemmed, but that comes after)

So basically If you drop a sword from a dungeon + 67, the sword is +67 and you could create a +35 sword from your collection.

Each tier would have a transmog so that you could spot the guys that are really good at the game

I also thought it would be nice if it goes by pair => tier 1 and 2 are the same except Tier 2 has lights or more stuff on it.

You could drop Gems and enchants from the dungeon that you could sell on the auction house.


Dungeons would be for 5 persons like in WoW, and would have challenging mechanics. Mostly like WoW Mythic+.

You can't join a dungeon if your gear tier is higher than the dungeon tier.

Maybe had raids for more challenges.

The HUB :

There would be a big Hub where all the person ( from the same server ) are regrouped before going into portals to their dungeons. That would be nice to find people to play with and also admire the guys that have nice gear etc …

There Would be 1 portal for each tier so you could see the teams go in. Before entering the group leader would choose the dungeon and the difficulty with a key and then the team would go through the portal to start the dungeon.


Each month a dungeon will be chosen and the group that does the best time for each Max Tier (T1 would be a +50, T2 a +100) would be rewarded with gold and cosmetic that would illuminate your armor for the month and a mount specific from the dungeon. This would let even tier 1 players to participate in the speedrun event.

Also there would be a prize for the guys that cleared the highest key in their respective dungeon. Higher rewards than the speedrun. Mount+gold+armor shine.

Graphics would be like wow or dauntless a bit cartoony so that it could age well.

Can't think on how to monetie this game though … B2P maybe ??

Well that's all for me let me know what you think of this concept, i have read other topics on this matter and wanted to throw this here.

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