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Durango: Wild Lands. The perfect example of survival mmo done right.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Durango: Wild Lands. The perfect example of survival mmo done right.

Yeah, i know how mobile games being treated here, but hear me out please.

Unlike pretty much ANY other game on google play, this one felt really unique. Feels like devs just put their hearts and souls into this game. I played it for a month, but then stopped because of lack of group play (didnt join any guild and felt kind of boring). After a while im remembered the game, cause its just stuck in my memory as one of the best mobile (and even among pc) games i ever played. Honestly, i was kind of conscious about its future even before the shutdown announcement, but still was depressed as hell. But you know, its a life as it is and we just have to step over nostalgia and move forward. My memories a bit vague, but I've analyzed for myself the early pros that captivated me: 1. Strategic approach for combat. Instead of clear dividing it between action and strategy devs went by something in the middle. And that felt just right and convenient on mobile device. 2. Overall polishness. Kind of rare thing nowadays that a game were released in a complete state and didnt throw bugs and lags in my face. 3. Semi 2D realistic style graphics and music. Important part as it adds up to the atmosphere. 4. Survival elements, deep crafting and progression systems. It had high degree of freedom and i love it. 5. Hardcore'ish sandbox approach. Maybe niche overall but exactly my cup of tea. 6. Technically rights design and concept. Its impressive how devs made right decisions about fresh setting and island system which overcame the server limitations so it could be an mmorpg. Each island was a huge zone which you had to explore in order to move further, so unlike most survivals, this one had a clear goal. Even a system with pve/pvp islands like in eve or albion was so on point that i was thinking it will be a next big hit. 7. The mmorpg part of the game was done right. I've felt myself as a part of that world and had an urge to progress in order to be accepted by some group of expirienced players, since some parts of content required it. 8. Housing done right. It didnt felt like an unnecessary part of the game and actually had a considerable weight in overall gameplay loop. 9. At least in the first month of release there was no p2w, iirc.


As for the flaws.. its really hard to find some but if i have to, maybe lack in the end game pve content and overall grindy nature, but its kind of acceptable for this genre.

Is there really was any reasons apart of mismanagement of the publisher? Knowing nexon, probably "statistics werent satisfying enough" and thats all? Or maybe i dont know something? Because i think, that even with its cons, game had a huge potential. Almost limitless with its islands concept.

Also im wondering if there is something similar coming on the horizon (not taking into account already released eve echoes and albion).

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