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Econia, a genre-bending, first-of-its-kind mobile game, is set to be released on November 18th.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Econia, a genre-bending, first-of-its-kind mobile game, is set to be released on November 18th.

Do you have what it takes to become a modern day tycoon?

Econia is a new mobile game that combines the best from the city-building, strategy and tycoon gaming genres for a rich experience unprecedented in mobile gaming. The game will be available for free starting November 18th.

Too often gamers looking for complex and rewarding gameplay have to look beyond their phones to get it. That all is about to change on November 18th when Econia is released. Econia is the world’s first synchronized city-building simulator and tycoon game for mobile. As such, Econia marks a landmark in mobile gaming, as players will be able to forge their own path in a complex and reactive environment. By making each map playable by 14 players at a time, the game’s developers have taken the city-builder and tycoon gaming genres and redefined them in the context of an MMO.

While players compete in Econia they will have to grapple with a complex closed economy that simulates the flights and stumbles of its real-world counterpart. This makes every game a unique experience that is shaped by the actions of all the individual players. Under changing, realistic conditions players will vie with each other for territory, power and business success all while trying to stay afloat and avoid bankruptcy.


As they compete against each other, Econia players will have to consider the moral dilemmas that accompany doing business in the modern world. Should one pursue a profit at any expense strategy? Should one consider the negative impact their industry may have upon the environment? Every decision a player makes in the game will result in consequences that they will have to deal with. One of the true achievements of Econia is the authentic way the game mirrors the difficult decisions that go into running a business in the modern world, and the stimulating moral complexity that is cultivated by the freedom of the players to do as they see fit.

City-building and tycoon games tend to offer a very limited set of actions that a player can perform. What Econia does is take the concepts of those styles and inject them with the uncertainty that makes life so interesting. Rather than allotting a fixed number of gameplay paths and outcomes, Econia provides a framework in which the gameplay can develop a life of its own. By doing this, the developers have provided gamers with something that is essentially unheard of in mobile gaming: a game where players can enjoy autonomy and have to develop and test unique strategies in real-time.

While the mobile platform is launching on November 18th, you can already give a bite to the game here. Moreover, this is just the first stage of the unveiling of the Econia gaming world. There are plans for a web-based, extended version of the game to come out around six months after the mobile.

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