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Elon Musk Allowing Developer to Use SpaceX in New Game | Mars Is Flat – The Game

Gamingtodaynews1e - Elon Musk Allowing Developer to Use SpaceX in New Game | Mars Is Flat - The Game

Elon Musk gives a game developer permission to use the SpaceX name and logo for their upcoming independent game about colonizing Mars.

Elon Musk maintains an active presence on his social media platforms, particularly Twitter, where he responds to his fans and general users. Even though Musk is officially the richest man in the world, he actively responds to his fans on Twitter regarding his businesses, Tesla & SpaceX, as well as a variety of topics.

Musk uses Twitter to discuss various subjects and finds time to answer questions and even post memes here and there. He has even makes posts regarding video games from time to time, whether it's about Musk's favorite games or making a crack or two about some of them. Recently, Musk was asked by user Lyubomir Vladimirov for permission to use SpaceX's name and logo for his new game.

Vladimirov is making a video game called Mars Is Flat, a "highly technical Mars survival simulator" that is about exploring and colonizing the red planet, and he has been working on it since 2020. He doesn't want to use SpaceX as an Easter Egg; instead it'll be used front and center in the game. He said he made similar posts in the past and would continue to ask the question until he gets a response. Vladimirov's tweet received both support and ridicule, and Musk responded one day later saying he could use SpaceX's name and logo in the game.


Now that he has Musk's permission, Vladimirov will use the SpaceX suits and vehicle renders for his video game. Mars Is Flat doesn't have a working version yet, but Vladimirov is already back to work on the game's development, especially the physical renders. His latest updates for the game show his steady progress in designing the SpaceX suit as well as conducting animation testing.

This wouldn't be the first time Musk had been mentioned with video games, as he's commented on several video games before this with some being more controversial than others. One month ago, Musk joked about Cyberpunk 2077, regarding how CD Projekt Red was refunding players for the game's buggy state. However, he did say that he enjoyed the game while he was playing it at the time.

However, some Twitter users were skeptical about the validity of Musk's tweet and whether or not Vladimirov actually has permission to use SpaceX's logo in his game. Some users even speculated that Musk isn't really serious about it and this may come back to hurt the game when it's eventually released. Overall, development on Mars Is Flat will be moving forward and this Mars video game will be using SpaceX's logo and suit in it.

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