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Ember Sword Isn’t Looked Into Enough.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Ember Sword Isn't Looked Into Enough.

I May Be a Tid Bit Salty

So I'm apart of the Ember Sword community and some of the guys in the discord noticed how janky the information for the game is on the site is so I figured I'd correct it and add on some stuff.

The Sites Information and Some Corrections

I swear, it was like the bare minimum was done to find out any plans or solid information for this game. I'm sure whoever was doing the research is just tired, but my god it's frustrating when I'm in the community and I see so much wrong information.>
This is the link to the game's site on and I'm going to cover some corrections that are needed.

  • The game is not an anime game in the slightest, all you have to do is look at the character models.
  • The game will consist of pvp and pve.
  • The game is built in the Unity engine using C#.
  • The game is not in alpha. The alpha is planned to be tested with some community members in 2021, this is in no way a release though, it's a closed test.
  • The games release date has always been planned to be 2022.
  • The game is going to start out by releasing as a browser playable game and with a separate downloadable client. From there the game is planned to release on mobile and attempt to release on consols.

What Ember Sword Really Is


Ember Sword is an independent mmorpg being developed by those in Bright Star Studios . The game is planning to be a sandbox type of game where you can take part in multiple professions, freely change weapon types, unlock skills, trade, explore, fight monsters, and other players. It's intended to be a game most types of mmo players can enjoy as it will have a somewhat casual aspect to it while having less casual aspects such as world bosses, pvp competitions in the coliseum, and a recently announced raid dungeon.
For those that want to take part in the Ember Sword economy, there will be a premium currency called PIXEL, cosmetics, and LAND.

  • PIXEL is an in-game premium currency that you can use to trade cosmetics and LAND.
  • Cosmetics are monthly items released in limited quantities that can be earned in-game.
  • LAND is a plot of land in the kingship zone of regions that you can place things on if you own it ,
  • While PIXEL never leaves the game, cosmetics and LAND can be traded for cryptocurrencies, which can be exchanged for your countries currency.

There's technically a lot more but I'm kinda tired of typing at this point. I would link the game but, y'know, subreddit rules. If you're really interested just go here> and click on the "Official Site" link.

Consider signing up for the newsletter, joining the discord, and don't forget to enjoy life.

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