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Epic Games and My Attempts To Get My 1200$ Account Back Since 2018

Gamingtodaynews1g - Epic Games and My Attempts To Get My 1200$ Account Back Since 2018


I don't know where to begin this, It has been a really long time now, around a year, I tried to contact Epic Games multiple times during that time, and I lost hope around 6 months ago.

My account was compromised around a year ago on the 1st of June 2018,I contacted support regarding the matter, And after around 2 weeks I was able to retrieve my account back, Fast forward to 11th of June 2018, My account has become inactive, I tried to contact support through email to ask what was the matter as my account was just hacked and I just have gotten it back , Support replied to me saying my account was suspended for Account sharing which is against Epic Games EULA and I have violated that, Of course, I tried to defend myself but the support agent Chad refused to reply after sending me that last message saying that my account was suspended.

I waited around 2 weeks and made another support ticket to see if anyone would be willing to help me, I got the same reply saying that my suspension won't be overturned anytime soon, So I gave up.

Around the 31st of June 2018, I made another ticket trying to explain myself and my situation and that my account was literally compromised and Epic Games Literally has the ticket I made when that incident happened in their logs and they recovered my account for me, So why would they suspend my account afterward, I tried to give as many details as possible to what might have happened and explained that maybe I might have used my account in other places but It was still in the same country which is UAE/Dubai, And if any other events occurred on my account it wasn't caused by me it was caused when my account was compromised, And it should be clear in the support log history that I made a recovery request 2 weeks before the suspension happened , And you helped me recover the account and everything was fine , Then my account got suspended, Of course after I explained all of this, support agent Chad replied to me saying your ban will not be overturned, and that was it, I honestly wrote everything and tried to prove I'm innocent and that I have done nothing wrong , and that I have only been a regular customer for Epic and I spent well over 1200$ on my Epic games account, And all that Chad had to say to me, Is that my ban won't be over turned, Since I got that reply, I gave up on Epic Games in general and just accepted the fact that I can't do anything about it.

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On the 16th of November 2018, I made another support ticket cause I heard a rumor going around regarding some accounts that were unlocked, and It gave me some hope, support agent Michal D replied to me saying that my account was not included in that group of accounts that were unlocked , and he can't offer me that compensation, I took the chance to reply to him and explain myself again, and say my story , He said there isn't much he can do, And said he's sorry for this , I thanked him cause he was pretty much the only one that felt understood me a little bit but couldn't do anything for me cause of the rules in the Epic Games office , I asked him If I tried to contact a few months later would I be able to maybe change anything? , He said that honestly, all the agents in the Epic Games follow the same exact procedures, so no other agents will be allowed to lift my suspension. I told him thanks anyway and moved on.


Now it's 12th of May 2019,

Sorry for making you read all of this, I know no one wants to go through something this long, But I wanted to try and explain my entire back story this past year, this was as short as I could make it. I'm just here to say that I'm innocent again, I didn't share my account with anyone, Maybe used it a few times in my cousins' house which is still in the same country Dubai/UAE, But other than that, I swear on God I have never shared my account for any purposes. My account was compromised before my suspension and you can find that in the support ticket logs to confirm what am saying right now, So whoever compromised my account might have done something during that 2 week period that I had no hand to stop, You can tell this account/platform meant a lot to me , this is why I keep coming back , It always comes to mind every once in a while , I have spent over 1200$ on my account and to watch that all go away was really sad , If I committed fraud or even cheated, I would have never even contacted support in the first place , But I have never committed any of those, and only did honest business through the Epic Games store and played fairly. The support agent clearly said to me the reason was account sharing, Which is something I have never done, Maybe something happened when my account was compromised, there's no way I could know about that anyway and I shouldn't be held accountable for it, You know loosing over 1200$ could take a mental toll on anyone, and it certainly did to me, I was already taking medication for other issues in my life and I'm not mentioning that to get pitty, I'm trying to deliver a message that this extra stress was really unneeded, I have enough problems already , and it's really depressing to get suspended for nothing while you're innocent. I ask them to please investigate my account again, look closer, look more deeply, you will find that I'm innocent, I guarantee you that. Just please, take an extra 10 minutes out of your day to look further into my account. I don't have anything else to say honestly. I hope someone reads this and re-considers.

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Epic won't see this most likely, but at least I said my part

I'm really innocent.

Kind regards.

Edit: I have gotten a reply from Epic Games 5 minutes ago.

Just the same attitude I have been given the whole time, no explanation to what happened, and the same line "sorry we can't do anything about this", It's a bit funny how apparently I have their full attention, But the support ticket is filled with spelling and grammar errors.

I would like some advice on what steps I should take next

Thank you.

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