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Epic Support may be worse than Steam Support.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Epic Support may be worse than Steam Support.

Steam Support has usually been considered rock bottom, but I encountered something far worse with Epic's support when I had issues installing Hades.

On Dec. 8, I sent the following messages to them detailing the issues I was facing. I was pretty thorough, included enough for them to go off of if it was a known issue with their client, as well as enough for them to ask anything else they need to if they can't figure it out. Also note that their support site wasn't quite working right; their links were broken, and I had to manually fix the URL just to load each step of the support process. Not an ideal experience, but I thought it wasn't that big a deal, as they had just launched their store and there were bound to be bugs. Later, though, I realized this is the same support page they've had since Fortnite launched.

Now, I wasn't expecting a response right away. I work in a contact center myself so I know it can take a while. The game started working two days later, and I was able to install. Yay! I'd just go ahead and say never mind, then.


But then they didn't respond, period. A week passed, and I decided someone had just disconnected my email on accident and it was lost forever. No biggie. But then, two weeks later, Dec. 21, I got a response:

This is… so shockingly bad for someone who wants to be a new player. Support and customer care are so important for a storefront. They don't have a social media presence anywhere to talk to, a phone number, OR a live chat. They don't even have a raw email address to respond to. The only way to get help from them is to specifically go onto their page, dig around for the support links, fix their urls manually, and send a message. Then you have to wait for two weeks.

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This is a really big issue for Epic, and one I can see hurting them further. They really will need something more than this going forward. I really am afraid for the industry if this is the standard that we get.

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