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ESO = 0 Progression (yes, ESO is worse than Corona)

Gamingtodaynews1g - ESO = 0 Progression (yes, ESO is worse than Corona)

So I just recently started ESO again seeing that we are going to Skyrim and I thought it will be cool. I reached CP 180 but oh boy I didn't feel any sense of change even after getting full Hunding set for my melee DPS templar and the undaunted Dreugh claws helmet.(% chance to have a conical lighting blot (yay soooo unique).

I felt same as I was in level 1, like there is no sense of progression in this game. It feels static and boring, only thing you progress is the story with forced lore which is being shoved into the throat till player chokes and die. (even single player ES titles will be put to shame by the lack of player agency and lore bombardment)

I can understand story, but that should just act as a baseline, making an entire MMORPG based on a single player type story is complete bullshit. The this game should not be called MMORPG, it should be a coop adventure game.

I seriously can't understand how people are even playing this game. The story seems to have no end and more and more and more and more and more and more story keeps popping up.

The character feels like exactly same as it was started at level 1. How many sets you collect or morph skills, this game doesn't give any sense of progression, your character is the same old lil joe from level 1. The only change in character is the stats UI, earlier it was a small number now its big number yay

This sub knows about the combat so I am not gonna talk about it, but oh boy this game's main issue is not combat its the crappy gameplay loop.

Even if you do vet trial, even if you do vet dungeon you feel same, it's just that you cleared a check box out of your lost that's it. You don't feel powerful, you don't feel anything. It's the same old feelign as you started at level 1.


I did a couple of vet dungeons from base game and it was just meh, red telegraph you cannot block attack, yellow tele you can, blah blah dodge blah blah kill, boring mechanics.

Solo builds I know they are powerful but same WBs can be killed within seconds by 2 people, so I don't understand why go solo build. The over-world content is brain dead AF. Caster enemeis go far away and pusle red, rogues go far away and pulse red. Lol this kind of AI feels like a school project. Like WTF are they even thinking.

Story is also not that great, voice acting is there but I don't understand why waste money on exposition content. In WOW or GW 2 anyone will understand what is the overarching story and they know why they are fighting or doing hearts despite skipping dialogues and quest text.

In this game nope, and most dialogue is simple time waste dialogues, unwanted jibber-Jabber, just get kills your nerves after sometime. All that dialgoue and wrting only to be asked to retrieve get items form here drop items there. Collect 4 soul gems from pedestal, like WTF?

TLDR: ESO is not a MMORPG. its single player coop game with dress up. There is 0 progression with a broken open world PVP system that crashes before anyone can complete the word crash. Its just trash. The game is also Expensive AF.

Come at me fanbois, come at me come on fight me. I jabbed your game. what will you do? death threats?

Screw ESO. if anyone is looking for a MMORPG stay away from ESO, its not a MMORPG and its false. The game is expensive AF and it's trash with aggressive monetization (fuck the argument "it's just coooooosmetics") cosmetics is part of progression you dumb fools.

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