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ESO vs GW2 – question that has been asked like milion times.

Gamingtodaynews1e - ESO vs GW2 - question that has been asked like milion times.


TL;DR: which of the games provide better QoL for complete beginner? That being said which world has more to offer besides common PvP and PvE (immersive world, achievement hunting, grinding, fashion, etc etc) without getting bored or frustrated of doing repetitive content all over again?


As title says, i can't decide between the two. Right off the bat: i know people keep asking that like milion times a day. But I still think that I need answer suited to my needings. Please help me out!

Okay. Let me start with saying that I have been playing WoW for 12 years. Was a great time but I got bored of its somewhat looped archetype of doing and obtaining things. So I want to give a shot to another MMORPG and those two are the ones i got stucked deciding between.


Let me say I'm all rounded player – i like doing little bit of everything. I like playing both – PvP and PvE (maybe little bit more focused on PvE), certain ammount of grinding is also nice to me (makes me feeling that the game doesnt serve it easily to me and i have to work for it), exploration, and oh – i love chasing for stuff in-game, let it be collectible mounts or achievements (i love getting achievements)

If the ESO would be really good, i wouldn't mind buying ESO+ for couple months, at least to figure out which DLCs are worth buying. GW2 on the other hand is appealing with the idea of having bundle of both expansion (HoT/PoF) and having all the content available (except for old Living World seasons).


I look for the game that has a lot of things to do in-game if certain type of activity starts to be boring. I have heard that ESO has a lot of different things besides PvP and PvE to do (fishing, housing, exploring), but not sure about GW2. Does GW2 has something else to do besides regular PvP and PvE(fractals, raids…) and like completing hearts? I would be pleased to hear it does!

As I said in paragraph above, I am looking for the game that has more in-game content (by content i dont mean simply PvP and PvE) that will keep dragging my attention and keeps me coming back to the game. The more immersive one. Something that by the end of the day will leave me thinking "oh and tomorrow i can go there, do that, collect that, gather that and craft this, collect this achievement, do this or that dungeon, skill up that weapon or profession).

I'm used to grind for better stats from WoW. But i also like to hunt for fashion. As long as it keeps me busy doing something that is not eternaly boring and repetitive I don't mind doing either.

Oh and a combat: I briefly played both games for couple hours. I keep hearing that ESO has clunky combat system. Compared to GW2, it might be little bit less smooth, but I didn't feel like it would be THAT bad to the extent it would be unplayable. Maybe i just haven't invested enought time in both games to say my combat system preferences. GW2 feels more unique and smooth, ESO feels more WoW-ish with some nice combination of using spells / weapons.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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