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Eternal Magic – It’s… something…

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Yeah, for some reason I got interested in this game. Mainly because I was looking for a traditional themepark-mmo that doesn't try to be innovative just for the sake of beeing so. Plus, the combat looked smooth and fun. And it's free, so…

At first, let's say some nice things:

There were quite some complaints from people about poor framerate and performance issues. Can't really relate to that. Even on my potatoe-laptop everything was totally smooth, except a few seconds of stutter when entering the main city.

Also the graphics, while surely not up to 2019 standards are fine to me. Nothing to rave about, but they don't make your eyes bleed either.

So, my first impression was quite positive. But well, then I started actually playing.

I am not sure if there is a story at all, and if so what it's about. After reading two or three poorly translated text-boxes, I just skipped everything, accepted every quest I got and moved from one kill-quest to the other one, speeding thru the first 20 levels in about 30 min.

Doing so you get autopathed from one NPC/location to the next, and the combat is laughably easy. So it hardly felt like actually playing the game and beeing in control.

While the bad localisation wasn't a big issue storywise, it certainly is when it comes to skills, item stats and game mechanics. The game tries to explain them to you one after another, but the translation is pretty poor, often inconsistant and missleading, and sometimes there also seem to be parts simply missing.

So, soon I ended up with a bunch of currencies, items and upgrade mechanics I had no real clue what they were meant for, how they work, which were important and which were trash. Guess you could get into if you dig in a while and ask on forums/discord, but so far I wasn't too keen to do so.


At lvl 20 the dungeons unlocked, so I thought things get more fun from here on. Especially since the game makes you go thru a tutorial of dungeon mechanics before. Like "Don't stand in red dots", "Jump over shockwaves", or "Take cover behind objects from aoe-attacks". Nothing groundbreaking for someone playing mmos before, but a neat thing to ease newbies in.

Sadly, none of these matters in the dungeons itself. Neither does the holy trinity of tank/healer/dps. You just blast your way thru mobs with 5 dudes. Sometimes an enemie has more health and leaves a chest afterwards, indicating this was a boss. But none really required certain mechanics. Just attack until he is down.

Also, you can't just chose your dungeon. There are a few dungeons on daily rotation, and you can only queue for a random one.

The so praised combat is rather standard. You can move while attacking and you got a dodge skill, but besides it's classic tap-target.

I found it uncomfortable to keep running around using WASD while simultaniously activating skills using the 1-4 keys plus Q and E. But I guess this is more to me using a laptop and not beeing too grown playing with it. But somehow it felt much easier in Guild Wars 2.

So, I barely reached level 40 now, which is by no means far into the game, and already feel confused and bored at the same time.

Maybe if I would dig more into the mechanics and get a better hang of the controls things could improve. But nothing really intrigues me enough to spend this time and effort…

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