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Eternal Magic…the worst game I have ever played and the most expensive cash shop

Gamingtodaynews1e - Eternal Magic...the worst game I have ever played and the most expensive cash shop

I don't really like to post negative about a game. Honestly I find this sub-reddit to be on the negative side and make fun of it as the subreddit that hates MMORPGs. But even I concede that I have to post this negative feedback because how terrible Eternal magic is. Before I go into detail…I rarely even leave bad reviews in games I dislike or are bad. Mostly just forget about it. I've played some terrible games, and some games are so bad they are kinda hilarious. This game is a literal scam, if anything else because of the cash shop (screenshots at bottom)

I have no clue wtf this game is. Everything dies so easily. This is the easiest MMO I ever played. And sure I'm still leveling, but even runescape offers more of a challenge than this. GW2, FFXIV, WoW (classic AND BFA) all offer more of a challenge while leveling as some examples compared to Eternal Magic. Literally the easiest MMO I have ever played in my life. In fact, I'd say I'd had a bigger challenge in kid games than this game.

Translations and story is like a kid wrote it. But I'll leave this one to personal opinion. The little voice acting there is is really really bad, I'd rather it just be text but even the text that there is is bad. Should be a silent movie thing, be an improvement. Granted, in this regard the story and voice acting is so bad its like watching Sharknado…so…some may like how bad it is.

However. To add to the easiest MMO I've ever played and probably the easiest game I've ever played. Almost everything is automated. Get a quest? Automatically move+mount up and watch as you do nothing…for every single quest. Sometimes my character even attacked by himself (dunno why only sometimes? But it was exciting to be able to put player input when didn't auto attack) without any input from me making almost the entire game automated. There is no option to turn off the automation, and the game most of the time (especially when the character auto attacks after reaching a quest location that they automatically went to…) is like watching a movie that is so bad its hard to take your eyes off how bad that movie is.


Its so terrible the game makes me laugh. I've never laughed at how bad a game is before, no other game in any genre has made me actually snort in laughter at how bad the game is.

There is of course the cash shop. Wow is the cash shop expensive and pay to win. One of my items I got in my free 60 dollar knight pack (it was a key from MMORPG dot com)

A "cosmetic" outfit with +30 to STR, Agi and Int. This is actually quite strong. I took it off and the game was still super easy, so it didn't really do anything except a tiny bit quicker at killing stuff. Except I like to look good, so I put it back on since it didnt make the game that much easier. Except…yeah the rest of the cash shop is not only super expensive, everything is very powerful. You can actually pay to win as a whale. You can buy mounts that look like they are really good with good stats, but not buying anything in this game to see how powerful it actually is. But a lot of cash shop items give stats.

Also, one horse costs almost 7k gems. Another horse costs 9999 gems. They have a package of 8000 gems for 200 USD.

Here is how much 8k (and you get 2k free gems) costs, amongst their other offers

l3a3MR9 - Eternal Magic...the worst game I have ever played and the most expensive cash shop

and here is a sample of the mount prices (plus stats on one)

MaqAGsD - Eternal Magic...the worst game I have ever played and the most expensive cash shop

and here is a taste of one of the outfits that costs 3344 gems

A mount literally costs up to 200 USD. An outfit costs roughly up to 75 USD. Even black desert online has nothing on this game in terms of cash shop.

Eternal Magic is the worst game I ever played in my entire life. And I've played some terrible games.

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