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Eudemons Pserver Demons-Online 2.0

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Preface – I am not associated with Demons-Online 2.0, this is not self promotion.
Hello MMORPG. I wanted to post today to let old and potentially new players know about the updated Demons-Online 2.0 private server for an older MMO called Eudemons Online. Personally I've played many of the big names for pservers like Frozen Realms, Phoenix Rising, and of course the original Demons-Online. While the original Demons-Online server has been in service for around 10-11 years now, there were always some glaring issues with the game client itself. Eudemons Online came out in 2006 but its designed like a DirectX game from the late 90's. The client in turn (at least here in the states) was always limited to 1024×768. Hardly acceptable for modern machines with 1920×1080 or higher. The client is also antiquated as far as MMO controls go. Your skill shortcuts are limited to F1 – F6, while your number keys allowed the use of 1 – 4, you could only bind items. Both of these setbacks are eliminated with the Demons-Online 2.0 client. In fact, the entire gameplay loop as been updated with a particular focus on mob grinding in a way that cuts down on time spent in the market improving your pets. But i'd like to start with a small introduction for people maybe looking to try the first time.

If you have played Eudemons before then you should skip to the next paragraph. Eudemons Online is an isometric click-to-move ARPG with a focus on pets called demons. Like any RPG your player and pets have levels. You also have an indexed value of your Battle Potential called… Battle Potential (BP). This value is determined by the quality of your gear, the quality of your demon pets who are summoned or converged with the player, in addition to a few systems that I wont go into to keep this brief. Demons have a very open-ended upgrade system. Each demon has a quality level that starts low and is improved by a system called Composing. Composing is the process of making your demons stronger by having them absorb your weaker demons, or special demons designed for composing. As you compose your demons they acquire higher primary stats, which are different for each type of demon, and they give the player more BP based on their quality level. This of course is all intrinsically linked to farming the materials needed to compose by busting mobs in large amounts. This is just one main system. You still have RPG clans in the form of Legions with a weekly Legion War PVP contest, and gear system not far departed from games like diablo 2.

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For past Eudemons / Eudemons Pserver players, you know Demons-Online has been around the longest already, but 2.0 really shines. Primarily having much higher resolution options and optimized 1-9 & f1-f8 skill shortcuts, but the entire UI is redesigned. While you're farming instead of automatically receiving EP's you acquire a new currency called shards. Shards have categories that determine what they are used to purchase, such as normal pet, mount eggs, casual garments, or composing materials. New BEAST spawns exist for both divine maps / old lands maps, which are much stronger bosses with better loot. There are also plenty of events/daily quests/other unique opportunities to gain shards aside from just blasting mobs. Composing is much more streamlined, you can compose with 4 minors at the same time with automatic EXP Ball & Clover usage. The server is fairly new, released October 2018 but still has all the charm of DO. The whole design seems to want you to focus on farming/grinding rather than spend all your time composing, and this is so refreshing for Eudemons. The only thing this server is missing now is a large player base. So hopefully some old players who used to play will come back and new people will try.

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