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EVE Online, A new players year in review.

Gamingtodaynews1g - EVE Online, A new players year in review.

Greetings kind people of the internet.

Just as the title itself says, i would like to take a few moments of your precious time and tell you about my little adventure in the MMORPG called EVE Online.

Exactly 1 year and 2 days have passed since i first created my main character in the game.

About 1 year and a whole week ago, i was sitting in front of the computer, thinking of how bored i was with Classic World of Warcraft. After hitting 60, All the PREBIS aquired, and some raid gear aswell.
It was time to find another game to play, something that would suck me in completely.
EVE Online was a game i have heard, read and talked about for years at this point, but never actually played it.
A friend from work played it heavily for a while however. And always talked about the interesting things that would happen in the game such as Espionage, Assassinations, Heists and massive groups clashing together in big wars.

It was then where i decided to finally give EVE a solid try. But first i wanted to do some research on it.
EVE Online had quite the reputation for being ruthless and incredible hard for new players to get into, It was also a rather old game which raised some concerns for me regarding the health of player population and such.
What i found out however was that the New player experience actually was something that constantly had been improved over the years, and there were very large player organizations all around New Eden that were more than happy to recruit and help new players.
And when it comes to the player population, the game is very healthy, sure there might not be 11m players, but there's around 25-30k players online at all times nowadays, And considering they are all playing on the same server actually makes the game world even bigger.

So at this point i created a character, logged in and did the tutorial thing, and then got completely stuck.
I had no idea what i wanted to do in this massive game, that offered way to many different career choices than any game out there.
After a little more research on what content is suited for new players i decided to try out the newer stuff called "Abyssal Deadspace" which was some sort of instanced PVE Dungeon thing were you entered as a solo player and had to fight 3 waves of enemies on a timer and claim a reward at the end.
This was kinda fun for a while, but after to many losses and no actual way of replacing my ships i needed some other way of making a more stable income.

Join a corp they said, EVE is no fun without a corp, was all my friends who have tried EVE before told me.
As it turns out, they were right.
I applied for one of the larger "New player friendly" organizations in the game.
That is where i picked up mining as a career of all things, and spent some time learning about moon mining. Which was somewhat amusing, and really easy to get into, it was also quite alot of ISK to be made as a newer player.
But i did not stay in the corporation long.


The corp itself was rather big, players in the tens of thousands. Which made it pretty hard for me to actually get to know people, there were always some new name showing up in chat, and the one you talked to the day before was nowere to be found.
I just did not feel at home over there.
So i left.

Moved out of their space and joined up with the corporation i am currently in, and what a difference it made. instead of 10 000 players in that corp, we have about 10-20 active members, which makes it easier to get to know people. At least for me.
Now this corp is part of a big alliance, that is part of a massive coalition. But on the corp level, we all know each other and talk pretty much every day.
I´ve been very well taken care of and taught many valuable things about the game.
The PVP aspect of the game is something that i am getting into more and more, learning how to fly different ship doctrines and such. And now with the current Nullsec war that is going on, there is PVP fleets going on, on all the hours of the day.
But to be able to PVP you have to make money somehow, i have been very fortunate to being mentored in many different ways on how to make good ISK whether it be mining, PVE or market trading.

After one year in game, i make enough ISK to plex my 2 accounts with ease, i can fly a lot of different PVP ships, And i have been making enough ISK to let be buy something called Skill Injectors, to allow me to get into even more ships, that would normally take me a good 3-4 months to train for.

But to summarize all of this.

EVE is definitely worth getting in to, no matter when you want to try it, It is never to late. Sure you will never quite catch up Skillpoint-Wise to someone who has been playing 10+ years. But skillpoints just allows you to get into more types of ships and modules.
For example, i can fly a Battleship just as good as a 10+ year veteran can. Because i have invested Skillpoints into that type of ship.

The population may not be in the millions, but that does not matter anyway.
Just a few weeks ago we had a battle with over 6500 people on grid at the same time fighting.
That's more people than you even have on an average WoW server (sort off).

I really believe that i have found my MMORPG home now, 1 year has gone by since i´ve picked this game up, and im looking forward to many more to come.

If by any chance you have reached the end of my Year in Review, i just want to say thanks for taking the time to read it.
My hope is that someone out there read this and decided to try the game just as i did. And hopefully get stuck in it, just as i did.

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