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Eve Online isn’t A.S.S

Gamingtodaynews1e - Eve Online isn't A.S.S

Whelp i've been bamboozled. For 15 years ive heard "Eve sucks its just A Spreadsheet Simulator"(A.S.S) and boy is that sooo wrong. Eve is NOT a spread sheet simulator, not even close. In fact i'm 200 hours in and still haven't looked at a single spreadsheet… Actually kinda salty I've missed out on one of the best gaming experiences of my life for the last 10 or so years just off of shitty reddit rhetoric and stuff. Not only are the graphics beautiful but the gameplay is honestly amazing, especially as a scifi/space and mmorpg fan.

Anyways just had to vent a bit. I definitely understand this game still isn't for everyone, but I really think a lot more people would love it if they gave it a shot. Those of you looking for a sandbox MMORPG, maybe stuck inside because of corona or whatever, give it a shot. Play the new'ish tutorials (they're actually decent now) and find a corp! There's a massive war going on right now that provides endless content and a stimulated economy! The two beginner corps I know about and can Recommend are The Pandemic Horde (My Corp) and Dreddit. But joining a corp is definitely pretty necessary if ya really wanna get to the good stuff like fleet battles and seeing titans flying around and blowing stuff up, also the community built around corps are insane, and you'd really be missing out on a huge portion of the game not getting in one. Join one of the big ones and they will get you all setup with a starter package and get you flying in fleets in no time! Don't be afraid to hit people up on discord and ingame, 9/10 they will be willing to help or will point you to someone who can.


And if you do decide to come fly with us, don't sweat being new! Even a day 2 pilot is a crucial component in fleet battles. Every fleet needs Tackles, they are cheap low level ship to fly, but still tons of fun and necessary to almost every fleet and any good corp will supply you with unlimited amount of these ships to learn on and improve. This game is a marathon not a sprint. You don't need to have everything figured out and tbh even people playing for 10+ years don't have everything figured out. That's one of the best parts to me, endless things to learn and endless ways to play. It truly is a breath of fresh air after all these theme-park mmos. Wish I would have started playing earlier but better late than never!

tldr; Eve Online is NOT ass (A spreadsheet simulator) and its worth a shot, the games in one of the best states it has been ever, has one of the most helpful and newplayer friendly community I've ever seen in a game, And its free! Give it a shot if your even remotely interested. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I could go on forever but Ill end with this; Remember this game is 20 miles wide and 30 miles deep, its a marathon not a sprint. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed and just do what you find fun! And join a corp! Thanks for reading and maybe ill see you on Grid, o7

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