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Eve Online- WWB 2 battle should set new record for largest fight

Gamingtodaynews1f - Eve Online- WWB 2 battle should set new record for largest fight

So, for the past 3 months now, there has been a major war in Eve, between the Imperium, a coalition of player alliances lead by Goonswarm Federation, and basically the rest of the game. The main groups on the other side are Legacy Coalition, lead by Test Alliance, Panfam, a coalition composed of Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, and Northern Coalition., and Winter Coalition, a mainly Chinese group lead by the alliance Fraternity.

The reasons this war started are complicated so I'll skip them, but basically on July 5th Test Alliance ended its truce with Imperium, and joined Panfam + WinterCo in an attack on the Imperium. Panfam has hated goons since basically 2012, so they hardly needed an excuse to kick things off. Of all the groups I've mentioned Imperium is the single most powerful, however, so even fighting against the three others they have put up an impressive defense. At the onset of the war they retreated back into their four main regions in the southwest of the map, Delve, Period Basis, Fountain, and Querious. Initially Imperium focused on defending Querious and Period Basis from Test, while tasking a smaller group in the coalition to hold Fountain against Panfam for as long as possible. Once Fountain fell, Panfam consolidated forces with Test and attacked Querious. The last system between Querious and Delve, the Imperium's main region, fell about 2 weeks ago. However, actually pushing into delve is more difficult than getting close to it, it has been heavily fortified for the past 2 years and has taken the nickname 'fortress delve' due to the amount of defenses spent on it.

One mechanic in Eve that is crucial for large wars is jump ranges. The capital and supercapital class ships, Titans, Supercarriers, Carriers, and Dreadnaughts, can all teleport to a beacon lit by an allied ship if it is within a certain range. And while different regions do have gates that border each other, these gates are extra long so that jumping these capitals between regions is difficult. Without a proper forward staging, none of the attacking forces would be able to reasonably jump Titans into Delve. And without the ability to jump Titans into Delve, the Imperium would be able to deploy its own Titan fleet with no real risk and any invasion would almost certainly fail. So far the Imperium has largely held its Titan fleet in reserve and not risked using it offensively, which makes sense given how outnumbered they are. But any real attempt to attack delve by Panfam/Test/WinterCo without the ability to bring in friendly supercapitals would surely change this. Which brings us to the system of FWST-8.

FWST-8 is a system in delve, that is in jump range of the majority of Delve but also in range of portions of Querious. It is also owned by NPCs, meaning that no defenses can be constructed in it to interfere with jumping capital ships to beacons. The plan for the attackers was to anchor a keepstar, the only structure large enough to allow Titans to dock at, in this system. If a keepstar were to be onlined there, then the attackers could safely move their supercapital fleet into Delve and project power across nearly all of the remaining Imperium controlled space. Think of it like island hopping in WWII, the Titans and Supercarriers are fighters/bombers, the keepstar is an airfield. Its really not at all alike if you look at any other part of the analogy but that part at least holds up.


So, naturally when Imperium noticed a Fraternity keepstar onlining in FWST-8 a couple days ago, they hard committed to destroy it. And naturally when they succeeded, Fraternity dropped a second one. This one was defended through its initial online timer, meaning that 24 hours after that it would have one more vulnerability timer, where the attackers would either destroy it or it would enter full power mode, at which point it would gain extra defenses and take a week and 3 successful attacks to be destroyed.

So, with everyone knowing how important this battle would be, both sides committed everything they could to the fight. Due to the number of people involved the servers quickly went into time dilation mode, slowing the game down to 10% of normal speed to prevent crashing. The battle over the keepstar lasted about 14 hours, with roughly 6500 people in system at one point, and roughly a trillion isk destroyed. Panfam/Legacy/WinterCo did commit their heavy assets (Titans and supercarriers) to trying to save the keepstar but ultimately it was not enough, the Imperium just had too many ships to throw at the keepstar that no matter how many died there was no way for the structure to survive. battle report link.

However, given the fact that the attackers lost 700 billion isk of ships in the process of destroying it and killed only about 320 billion (the link will say 140 but it doesn't include the cost of the keepstar itself), you can only assume the attackers are going to keep dropping more until one of them sticks. For now the war will continue with the stalemate, as the Imperium is successfully keeping 'fortress delve' safe.

Additionally, like I said in the title this should be the new biggest online battle ever in terms of the number of characters involved, and probably also in terms of the length although I'm less certain of that one. Previously the record was held by a fight in 9-4 (also in Eve) which topped out at just under 6200 characters in the system. I've seen a few people saying over 6500 and I do believe them, but it was definitely over 6200 since I have a screenshot here showing 6,379 in local. As for length that's debatable and I'm sure you can get 2 people to play a pvp game for 15 hours straight just to beat this, but in terms of a large scale battle with non-stop fighting I'm pretty sure this would take the cake.

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