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Eve Online- WWB 2 Update

Gamingtodaynews1b - Eve Online- WWB 2 Update

So I said I'd do another one of these when there was more stuff to say, and, well quite a bit has happened in the last month.

So, for some background, Goonswarm is the largest player run group in Eve Online, living in the southwest corner of the map and, until the war started, having influence all the way up along the western edge (the center is owned by npcs). They were allied with Legacy Coalition, who lives in the southeast, and have always been enemies of panfam (well for the last 7-8 years, at least). A little over a month ago the leaders of Legacy declared an alliance with Panfam to attack goonswarm, with the reasoning being that goons were enjoying forcing the rest of the game to play around them too much, and not actually doing anything. Panfam had already been waging a war against the goon's allies in the northwest and began sweeping down along the western side of the map. Goonswarm did not offer any serious resistance in these regions but fell back to their core regions of Delve, Fountain, Querious, and Period Basis.

Panfam began sieging Fountain, where one of Goon's biggest allies, The Initiative lives, while Legacy began attacking Period Basis and Querious, regions the goons don't live in but that, if they fell, would provide an easy entry into the home region of Delve. So far, goonswarm has largely concentrated its efforts on defending against Test. The initiave, on its own, has had little sucess dealing with the combined forces of panfam, and as of now has no control over any systems in Fountain. A few of the border systems in Fountain on the border with Delve are still controlled by Goonswarm, and a few of the pockets of space with no strategic value haven't fallen yet, but a good 75% of the region is controlled by panfam now, and more fall each week.


On the other hand, Legacy Coalition has run into a brick wall in Period Basis. While some of the outlying systems in it have fallen, all of the key defensive chokepoints have been held by the defenders. Since now all of the goonswarm aligned forces are consolidated in one area, all within supercapital jump range of their main staging, if they are going to make a stand and actually win this war, it will be now. The advantage of their capital jump ranges means that the attackers cannot teleport supercapitals into battle for these systems without taking them through a normal gate first, which is extremely dangerous, while the defenders can jump their own caps into combat instantly. This is a not insignificant advantage and honestly, I'm not sure what our plan will be, short of hoping attacking from both sides of goon space at once by coordinating panfam and legacy coalition attacks will prevent them from winning on both sides.

But, so far, in the entire history of Eve, no Alliance has ever come under siege like this, lost several regions, and made a successful last stand in its home. The best early example would be Ascendant Frontier's war with Band of Brothers in 2006, where Ascendant Frontier controlled the most well defended region in the game, but were worn down and fell apart after constant pressure from Band of Brothers. So, despite their advantage in capital supremacy, it will be very impressive if goonswarm does manage to hold off this offensive.

Disclaimer:i've been away from the war for the past week and a half, so i may have missed a few things but from what I've seen all of this is at least mostly correct.

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