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Eve Online:World War Bee 2 Summary

Gamingtodaynews1b - Eve Online:World War Bee 2 Summary

So, I haven't seen any discussion of this war here, and since once the big battles start to happen there going to be a bunch of posts about it, I thought I'd just post a summary of how the war has gone so far and why it started.

So, first to summarize where things were as far as all the big alliances go before things started heating up. You may remember all the posts about a war back in 2018, with pictures of big things blowing up and big numbers being quoted. This ended with 2 of the big coalitions (Goons and Test) defeating 3 of the other big coalitions (WinterCo, Panfam, and DeadCo), and with DeadCo signing a separate peace treaty that gave itself better terms than its allies. The geographic locations of these groups are kind of relevant, so here they are. DeadCo, living in the Northwest. Goons, living in the southwest. Test Alliance, living in the southeast. WinterCo, living in the East. Panfam, living in the northeast.

Panfam took DeadCo's treaty as a betrayal from DeadCo, and tried to attack them, but since DeadCo was primarily an Australian TZ coalition, and Panfam is primarily EUTZ and USTZ, DeadCo won the war despite being outnumbered. Then, a few months later WinterCo's treaty with Test expired, and Test alliance attacked, and with the help of Goons and despite panfam helping WinterCo, WinterCo lost their space, and moved north to live with panfam. This new coalition of panfam and WinterCo will be called 'PandaFam' from now on, since winterco's mascot is a panda.

The next major development was Pandafam declaring war on deadco again. Before this there was a small war from Test deploying north to attack Panfam, but this didn't really end with any substantial changes so I will skip it. In the time between this and the last war DeadCo had more formally aligned itself with the Imperium, so this time all of Panfam came along in a full invasion and with WinterCo (a primarily chinese coalition) coming they were able to win pretty easily. In an odd turn of events, Test Alliance deployed north to help Pandafam, despite the fact that Goons were helping DeadCo. This ended with Deadco disbanding and its member alliances leaving to join goons and test. Pandafam, rather than ending its deployment, continued to move southwest around the map, attacking more alliances which were friendly with goons. (The timeframe right now is this spring, we're almost caught up) Goonswarm responded by deploying north to counter this invasion, and also started attacking their former ally, Snuffed Out, in lowsec. They were losing most lowsec battles, though, as Snuffed was allying with their former enemies in lowsec to fight goons, and since pandafam was deployed nearby they would come in to help for major fights.


So, anyway after a few weeks of this, Goonswarm's leader announces that they are falling back from all of their northern regions, stopping their offensive wars, and planning to fight a defensive war of their core regions. A couple weeks later, on June 21st, Test Alliance announces that it is ending its Non Invasion Pact with goonswarm, effective in 2 weeks, on July 5th. With this news, World War Bee two is announced, since this is basically the exact same coalition that defeated goons in the first World War Bee in 2016. And now it has started. Pandafam has moved its entire supercaptial fleet south to a staging near Goonswarm's home, and Test has moved their supercapital staging to the same system. There is pretty much constant action in goon space right now, as the mechanics of jump range and cyno jammers make it hard for the attackers to deploy their considerable supercapital force, leaving most of the fights as their subcapitals vs goonswarm combined subcapitals and capitals. So far, only a handful of systems have been lost to the attackers, but they will need quite a few more in order to begin using their supercapitals and start sieging major objectives. If they are unable to do this before they start losing members or fc's to boredom and burnout, then goons will win. But, as a member of Pandafam, that isn't going to happen.

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