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Ever since the 6.00/.1/.2 update my PS4 just doesn’t take use of my Sound System.

Gamingtodaynews1f - Ever since the 6.00/.1/.2 update my PS4 just doesn't take use of my Sound System.

My PS4 PRO (Original PS4/White PS4/White PS3 and Original Chunky PS3) have all been connected, directly to this sound system via Optical Cable (one end in the console the other in the sound system)

I've never, ever had an issue with it, I always got nice crisp, clear and loud sound. I stopped playing games on my PS4 for a couple months and all I remember was we weren't on version 6+.

When I got back around to booting it up and updating, games, music (via the media player) , the xmb sounds, Netflix none of it plays sound through the sound system apart from the left and right speakers, nothing comes out of the central, the rears or the subwoofer.

Even when I switch the sound settings around HDMI just plays sound out of the left and right speakers (with no hdmi cable connected between the console and the sound system) Optical Cable > Dolby again just plays sound from the left and right speakers with nothing coming out of the rest.


However, if I put a movie in the PS4 PRO the sound only comes out of the left and right speakers, until I change the audio via the movie control panel and then it plays out of everything like it did months prior.

Am I losing my mind or has something actually gone wrong, because I've switched cables and bought new ones and even swapped them with my optical setup on my PC (which all works clear and crisp with all wires) and I cannot for the fu*king life of me figure out why this has happened apart from an update has somehow wrecked my sound.

It's pretty much killed my motivation to play, watch or even turn on the console

Sorry if this doesn't belong here I've never posted here and I'm pretty much lost. 🙁

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