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Everquest Guide: How to Start Playing Everquest

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Hey all! Nearly every day I see posts in the Everquest communities I follow about people returning to the game or people that are new to Everquest and want to try it out. Those posts usually include questions about what server to play on and what character class to choose. I decided to write an article to answer those questions and help people get started; it's my way of giving back to a game I've enjoyed for two decades now.

Everquest is one of the first Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games released and it is still one of the best. If you are interested in Everquest but still aren’t sure you want to make the leap, check out my article, 3 Reasons Why I Play Everquest, in which I describe why it stays installed on my laptop.

Getting started in Everquest is not difficult, but there are questions and concerns that new or returning players have when starting out. This article provides guidance for each small step toward getting into the game.

Download Everquest For Free

Everquest is a free-to-play game with an optional, All Access membership, which provides additional perks. I’ll discuss the benefits of membership in another section below. That being said, you truly can play the game for free; with no hidden fees or necessary micro-transactions.

To download the Everquest game client, there are two options: the Everquest website and Steam.

If you have the Steam client installed on your PC already, downloading from Steam makes sense and is easy enough to do. Search the store for Everquest. Click the green, Play Game button on the Everquest store page.


If you do not have the Steam client installed, you can just as easily go to
home - Everquest Guide: How to Start Playing Everquest and download the client. Click the PLAY FREE button in the upper right of the page and you’ll be prompted to create an account.

Everquest System Requirements

Due to its age, Everquest runs on just about anything. The system requirements are fairly light compared to newer games.

Have an old laptop the kids spilled soda on? Boot it up and see what you can do!

Have an older PC you stored in the basement? Lug it back upstairs!

And if you have a new, kick-ass system with a 4K, wrap-around monitor–despite the older graphics–Everquest is going to look amazing!

Everquest runs on Windows 7 or later. View the system requirements here.

You can run Everquest on a Mac operating system using Wine or a virtual machine (VM), I believe, though I have no experience doing so.

To read the full article, you can read it at Emergent Mage here.

The article includes the following:

  • Where to download Everquest (for free!).
  • 6 Reasons to Pay for All-Access membership.
  • What server to choose.
  • What class is best for you.

Start your adventure now!

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