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Every Nintendo-Exclusive Franchise Ever

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Every Nintendo-Exclusive Franchise Ever (Spreadsheet)


  • Name: self-explanatory.
  • Classification: franchises are divided up into four classifications:
  1. 1st Party: franchises that were directly developed by Nintendo and its subsidiary/affiliate companies or were assisted by Nintendo during development in some way. (e.g. Mario)
  2. 3rd Party Nintendo Exclusive: franchises made by companies other than Nintendo, but are exclusive to Nintendo's consoles. (e.g. the Bravely series)
  3. Appeared on Non-Nintendo Systems, but is 3rd Party Nintendo Exclusive Now: franchises that originally started on other platforms or had one of their games on a non-Nintendo platform, but have since become Nintendo exclusive (e.g. Bayonetta). These types of franchises must have:
  • The majority (51% or more, excluding mobile/arcade titles) of their games exclusive to Nintendo consoles
  • At least 2 of their most recent entries exclusively on Nintendo consoles
  1. Appeared on Non-Nintendo Systems but is 1st Party Now: very rare, but this class includes franchises that originally started out on other platforms but have since become either fully owned by Nintendo, or Nintendo has developed at least one of its games. In addition, it must follow thesame rules as classification #3. (e.g. the Xeno series)
  • Year: the year the first game of the franchise debuted.
  • System Debut: the system the first game of the series appeared on.

Prerequisites to get on the List and Other Rules

  • 2 or more games in the franchise.
  • Only on Nintendo systems. (there are exceptions, as noted above)
  • For franchises that also have entries on arcades/mobile, they must have at least 2 games in their franchise be Nintendo-exclusive.
  • First-party titles that were licensed to 3rd parties and made on non-Nintendo consoles (excluding arcade/mobile) are not counted for. (e.g. the Mario pc games)
  • Remakes, ports, remasters, compilations, expansions, etc. do not count as sequels or separate games of the franchise. In certain cases, crossovers do not count either, unless the franchise itself is a crossover, such as Super Smash Bros.
  • 4th party games do not count.
  • Built-in software applications do not count. (e.g. StreetPass)
  • If a franchise has a spin-off series that 1. does not share its name in any way with the parents series, 2. Has at least 2 games, and 3. follows all the other rules and prerequisites, it counts as its own franchise. (e.g. Yoshi is separate from Mario, but Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is considered to be part of the Pokemon series.)
  • Large-scale brands, such as Touch! Generations, do not count as their own franchise. Instead, the franchises within the brand are counted for.
  • "Franchises" that are solely comprised of rereleases of games from other franchises are not included in this list. This would include Arcade Classic Series, Classic NES Series, 3D Classics, and NES Remix.
  • The official English localization is used when able. American localization is chosen over European localization.


This list is constantly updating, so tell me if I missed anything!

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