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Every Paper Mario is a good game. The last SS, CS, and OK are simply not good Paper Mario games.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Every Paper Mario is a good game. The last SS, CS, and OK are simply not good Paper Mario games.

I constantly see arguing between fans of the first two and fans of the newer entries. People making valid criticisms on the newer games, when it comes to combat, lack of unique characters/worlds, and story are totally on point. The fans of SS, CS, and OK are valid in their opinions that the paper-craft style is fun, the humor is on point, and it's a well made game.

At the end of the day, Paper Mario, as with almost every major Nintendo game, is a solid series. It has the Nintendo polish of wonderful soundtracks, colorful worlds, and a well developed game lacking game breaking glitches/engine issues.

Ultimately though, Sticker Star, Color Splash, and Origami King simply lack some core things that I (and many others) feel is what made Paper Mario truly special

To me, Paper Mario must have the following to be considered "Paper Mario":

  • A grand, compelling story.
    • "Oh no, the world has lost its color" and "Oh no, we're being folded into origami" are not compelling stories. Compare this to Thousand Year Door which deals with multiple factions between Bowser, X-Nauts, and the Demon Queen or Super with its cast of villains, Mr. L, and the love story. What conflict entices you more to play and help Mario save the world?
  • Uniquely designed worlds/characters
    • Whats better? Generic Red Toad # 238 of Toad Town or Super Tod, a weak Toad with a super hero theme who joins Mario in his adventure to save his village from evil and to save his girlfriend, a sarcastic Goomba?
    • Who misses memorable bosses like Rawk Hawk, Doopliss, Shadow Sisters, etc. They were wonderful characters and made for even more entertaining boss fights.
    • What about Rougeport? An town of seedy criminals with a Pianta Mafia. How about a giant floating stadium with a battle arena run be a seedy owner who must be taken down?
    • People love the original two games because we finally saw generic Mario enemies/NPCS designed as very unique and interesting characters. We visited many lively, interesting locations that really showed off this world.
  • Enjoyable, strategic battles
    • Paper Mario's original battle system was a blast. Thousand Year Door's stage setting and audience was even better and really made the simple turn-based system something special. Back when Sticker Star still had it's original Thousand Year Door design, Miyamoto claimed you couldn't innovate that enough, and thus lead to SS's atrocious battle system. I believe there's a lot that you could have done to innovate that battle mechanic.
    • Being able to create simple strategy with the badges was fantastic. With the level up system, you could make it as hard or as easy as you wanted with choosing between health, special power, or badges upon leveling up
    • Losing equipment due to durability or us using up all your stickers/cards is not fun. It's tedious. Using THINGS to OHKO a boss is not fun.

Nintendo has completely abandoned the above for insanely asinine reasons. If there was ever a reason to experiment with character design and story, a spin-off, like Paper Mario is exactly the time. If Miyamoto, Tanabe, and the rest of Nintendo wants to keep the core 2D platforming series stale, boring, and uninspiring, fine. But please Nintendo, just bring back the spirit of what made Paper Mario so amazing.

If Nintendo wants an open world, action/adventure Mario title light on story and battle mechanics, then make a brand new series then. Stop using Paper Mario as the canvas.

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