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Every pvp game should have at least these 3 distinct queues, but so many stop at just 2. It’s a problem when they do that.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Every pvp game should have at least these 3 distinct queues, but so many stop at just 2. It's a problem when they do that.

First if your standard ranked competitive queue. I'm not going to specify any particular fashion for that ranking to be handled in, point is there is a fully series queue for competitive play. This is the only of the three queues where winning actually matters, at all. This is the queue where you can reasonably be expected to stick with the roles you're up to par with for your mmr, and to stay on meta. Strictly speaking it would be ok for a game's devs to decide they don't want their game to be competitive as a whole, and not include this queue on that basis, but really they should simply state that intention and include the queue anyway for the players who will treat the game competitively despite that openly stated intention.

The third queue (I'm going out of order on purpose) would be your casual queue. The one where nothing really matters, especially not winning, and you're free to try whatever you want. This is the mode you could basically treat like single player, if you wanted. This is also the only queue where not using skill based matchmaking could be at all reasonable, albeit still iffy. If using it it would of course have a separate mmr from the other queues (all 3 should have seperate mmrs)

The second queue is an unranked, but still serious, queue. The ONLY difference between the ranked queue and the unranked queue, is the ranking. The only aspect of the game that doesn't matter in this queue is winning. Whether or not a victory screen pops up at the end of the match. Outside of that singular distinction, the queue is functionally equivalent to the ranked queue. It still utilizes the full skill based matchmaking (separate mmr from other queues) system as ranked. It's unranked, but it's not casual. It's not competitive, but it's still serious. You play genuinely and put in your full effort, but it doesn't matter if you win. Well this does affect your choices, it doesn't make you play casually. Maybe it means playing the roles you aren't as good at, or going off meta, or even just being able to say "I don't care if we actually win at the end" without anyone being annoyed by the stance.


So many games only have two queues, whatever they choose to name them, and it's horrible. Those three queues are for the three base mentalities for approaching a game, the three base styles of play. When a game is missing a queue, two of those mentalities are forced into the same place, and it doesn't work because they aren't compatible. And to be clear, it happens in both of the two queues available. Players currently of the mindset of the second queue have to join either the first or the third, and since both choices get made, it ruins both. The players wanting the casual queue get their game ruined by players taking the game too seriously; at the same time those players are having their serious match ruined by people being too casual. The players wanting the fully competitive ranked experience are having their matches ruined by players merely looking to play seriously, but aren't as concerned with winning; at the same time those players are having their serious but meant to be unranked match ruined by people treating it way too competitively. As a side note, this also means that missing a queue is itself a major, or even the main, source of toxicity in the other queues, and as such there would be less of it without a missing queue.

Tldr: the three distinct mindsets for pvp gaming need to have three distinct queues. When any of the three queues are missing the other two are ruined.

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