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Everybody around here seems to hate GW2. Am I one of the few that likes it?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Everybody around here seems to hate GW2. Am I one of the few that likes it?

I don't consider myself a GW2 fanboy (but many will call me one, I guess) and I actually play 2 MMOs at the same time (GW2 and ESO). I don't hate any game! These negative threads about GW2 in this sub make me sad so I decided to write a list about the things I like in GW2. 🙂 (English is not my native language, sorry for my mistakes).

  1. Open world PVE meta events. This is why I fell in love with GW2 in 2012. Playing with 50+ other people towards one big goal is a lot of fun! I've been playing this genre since 2002 and honestly, I never liked instanced group content (dungeons, raids). It makes me sad when devs build a beautiful world that gets abandoned after leveling and players are locked away in instances. I want to be in the open world, explore it and do fun stuff with dozens of other people. I can do that in GW2!

  2. Everything is shared. You see an iron node in an MMO. 3 people run towards it, only the fastest one will get it. But in GW2, everyone can harvest the same node! And there is no kill stealing. As long as you deal some damage to the mob, you get loot/credit.

  3. Gliding and mounts. In my opinion, GW2 has the best mount system in MMO history. Exploring GW2's beautiful maps with the mounts is crazy fun!

  4. I really enjoy the combat. There are plenty of skills and builds (I play what I want and ignore the meta). As an older player, I prefer tab targeting, but there's an "action camera" mode too (never tried it).

  5. Story. I guess this is the biggest unpopular opinion on the list but I really like the story missions in GW2. Even the most hated "core personal story" is enjoyable overall (despite the dull final fight).

  6. The game is quite cheap in the long run. Besides no sub fee, the newest living world episode can be unlocked for free while it's active. We can also exchange Gold for Gems which means we can buy Gem Store (aka cash shop) items for ingame currency. That's really generous imo. Also, the game only offers fashion and convenience items in the Gem Store, no P2W stuff.

  7. It's easy to gear up. I guess many people like gear treadmill but I don't. I like that I can log in after a hiatus and my gear is still relevant. Also, we can change stats on Ascended gear (BiS) for a small fee. Legendary offers the same stats as Ascended but it has free stat change.

  8. No patch/maintenance downtimes. When there's a patch, we get a message ingame, log out, patch, log in, done. I wish every MMO dev had this power! Maybe this isn't a big deal for most people, but I'm European and most MMOs patch in the middle of the day which gets annoying quickly.

I'm sure there are other things to like about GW2, feel free to share your thoughts. 🙂

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