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explanation of shield mechanics

chivalry screenshot1 - explanation of shield mechanics

The mechanics:

1: Weapon Switch Feint (Shield-Feinting):

To perform this, press 3 and then instantly, within .01 seconds of this, press an attack. On your screen, it will simply look like a weapon switch, however, you will hear a sound. The other player will see it as an animated attack. This is very deadly when combined with the morning star, because of the weapon’s speed, it is almost impossible to tell a poke from a shield-feint. Additionally, the morning star is so fast, gambling’s effectiveness is limited in beating this.

How to beat: Gamble / Backswing gamble. Footwork. Trading hits. 

2: Flinch Skip:

As soon as you get hit, tap block with your shield (at the right time) to perform a flinch skip. This allows you to do an instant attack that will almost always catch your enemy off guard. If my understanding is correct, this works for the kick flinch (when you get heavy kicked with shield up), as well as the normal flinch (when you take damage).

How to beat: Gambling wont work, combo feint to parry or dodge attack. 

3: Recovery Skip Bash:

Tap block at the right time when you are in recovery (after you have been parried) and then hit F to do a shield bash. Do an attack-> get parried -> tap block -> kick/bash them.

 How to beat: Stamina, reading it. Punishing with footwork. 

4: Stagger bypass:


On the last hit of your stamina pool, instead of holding the shield, you must tap it at the correct time. Instead of being stunned, you will be quick-skipped backwards, with the same amount of stamina that is given to the user after they are outstammed. However, when done correctly, you will be able to block the punish that normally comes. You can also jump and do this mid air, and the momentum from your block will send you away from your enemy even further, shown in the 2nd video.

How to beat: Basic drag. Knowing stamina values. Continuously pressuring. 

5: Post-kick out-gambles:

Shield players have an advantage after getting kicked. The shield user will usually be able to do a backswing and out-gamble the user who just performed the kick.

How to beat: Being aware of the gamble that is likely to come after your kick, blocking it, and continuing to hit around shield / winning stam pool. Nothing a shield user can do will put them at a stamina advantage, assuming no mistakes are made on your side.


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