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Fable the lost chapters PC port is bad and here is why…

Gamingtodaynews1f - Fable the lost chapters PC port is bad and here is why...

I was playing yesterday Fable TLC on my PC and did a lot of progress and i am kind of middle of the game and my character is really really strong angel with halo over his head and my clothes and armor really rare and protective and i have unlocked all magic spells and bought the master greatsword with 3 deadly augmentations and last quest i did was rescuing the 3 traders from twinblade's camp besides the kill the assassin quest (just right before finding the archaelogist quest in witchwood) and this is where i left off until a blackout happened just after i saved my progress with 20 minutes and yes i am sure that i saved and i saved twice.

today in the morning i booted the game and i realised after ten minutes of being confused where am i that the saved progress is some sort of corruption happened that fucked up my saved file i don't know why, also the trophies that i hanged on the walls of my two houses in bower south and oakvile disappeared like what the hell.

did the developers really forgot to test the saving system? or they were too lazy and rushing the port to suck as much money as possible?

i played a lot of games before on same PC and several black outs happened after saving and i never faced a problem like this in my saved games progress, Fable TLC saving system is shit, i was about to give this game 8 out of 10 in my gaming agenda but after i discovered this bug i give this shitty port 6 out of 10 regarding it has positive side that is dominating the negative in many ways like frustrating controls, small world and scripted black jack lose and win and other stupid stuff but still this game was about to be better than legend of zelda in my eyes but after finding out about this save progress bug…i am sorry Lionhead studios.


i know i am going to get a lot of backlash and negative replies from hard time fable fans and lovers but i am sorry i had to tell people about this bug.

i am sure Xbox versions doesn't have this bug because most of the game developers doesn't think about PC that much of respect because of pirates.

this game was my childhood game but i didn't get to finish it as a kid for some reason i don't want to share it but let's not be off topic, i got the game last year and this week was my chance to play and finish this game and live the good old memory from my childhood but damn, a bug couldn't let that happen.

i will only forgive this game if there is some sort of save editor modding tool but sadly there is not anywhere so i can get my lost trophies back and my 20k gold and lost skill points, for now i will have to take a long break from this game.

last thing i want to say is, GRINDING IN THIS GAME ON PC IS POINTLESS

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