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Face it, you hate games

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Dear “reason why this sub is shit,”

Or whatever name JohnnyBGaming uses now. Let’s have a talk. Rather, I would like to talk at you and make you mad. That’s the only thing you feel anymore anyway. A lot of you just don’t like playing games anymore. You constantly move the goal posts to validate dynamic excuses for not playing any game, ever. All while using those dynamic excuses to ridicule everyone who does play it.

If it’s a subscription game you won’t play it because it’ll just be free to play in a few months anyway and then go pay to win. Self fulfilling prophecy.

If it’s a free to play game you won’t play it because it’s not a subscription game.

If they sell anything it’s pay to win, any mental gymnastics required to get there will be utilized.

If they sell nothing they probably will soon anyway, so it’s just pending pay to win.

If it’s pay to win by any definition, that definition to be rewritten as necessary, it can’t be fun for anyone.

If it’s not pay to win by any definition then it just sucks. Insert reason you hate it. Combat, GCD, content rollout method, “you just don’t like the way the fans of the game talk in comments.” You’ll come up with something.

If it’s tab target you don’t like tab target anymore.

If it’s action combat you’d really like a good tab target game again.

If it’s a theme park you prefer sandbox. You’re tired of being told what to do.


If it’s a sandbox it’s boring, you’d rather a theme park. You can’t remember how to play a game where you’re not told what to do.

If it has everything you like well that company sucks or every time you ask players if they like it they say yes, the fucking audacity of those shills.

Every time you tell fans of the game that they’re shit people and deserve to die alone for not sharing your opinion, they get weirdly defensive, which means the players of that game are clearly in a cult.

The population is too low so it’s best if no one joins it unless everyone joins it first.

The population is too high must just be a bunch of Koreans (because you hate them apparently).

Every game sucks. Every future game will suck. There will never be joy in this genre again. “See you again tomorrow though as my life is so boring I’m addicted to a game genre that I hate.”

You’ll be a gamer again though you swear, as soon as that themepark sandbox game with action combat and tab targeting comes out and has 100% of all genre fans playing daily. Oh shit I forgot, you can’t though. That one sold early access keys so they’re scammers, or something.

Have a shitty day, gonna pull up LOTRO while you pound that keyboard.

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