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Fall Guys is not as fun of a game as it could be.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Fall Guys is not as fun of a game as it could be.

The Fall Guys is a battle royal type game disguised as a party game. Players move around their characters and they have buttons to let them jump, dive and grab. From there, players are thrown into a series of games and obstacle courses, in which a set number of contestants can win. Each round winnows down the collective mass of up to 60 competitors until one is left standing.

The battle royal nature of the game ruins the fun of this game. It often takes longer to get into an initial game and wait for the game to start than it does to play each level. With only a limited number of people moving on to each round the majority of players, no matter their skill level, spend more time waiting to play than actually playing.

It’s obvious the developers want you going back to your character screen as much as possible in the hopes that you’ll purchase more vanity options for the character.

The controls are awful. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing control of your character. In this game bumping into items, people bumping into you, attempting to dash or grab can all cause you to lose control of your character for a period of time. Many of the controls have poor responsiveness leaving you wondering if the control doesn’t work as advertised or if that’s how it’s supposed to work. Initially you may even be left wondering if you’re having network issues.

Network issues abound Since very little time is spent actually playing this game, being kicked from a match in the middle due to a network issue can be extremely frustrating. There are also issues with getting into matches and with your score not updating after a match if you leave too quickly.

The maps get repetitive quickly. Just play the game for a short time and you will notice the same maps over and over again. A lot of these maps are easy to master after you’ve been in them a few times thus reducing even more the amount of actual time you spend playing the game.


Cheaters ruin the game So, you suffered through the network issues, you’ve mastered the poor controls as best you can, you’ve somehow managed to survive till the last round, but all that is for naught because cheaters are using speed hacks and flying hacks to zoom around the map.

How can the game be improved?

Remove the battle royal aspect of the game. Instead of kicking players back to the character screen so they can buy more vanity items, give all the players points for each round and allow the same group of 60 to continue into each round until the match is over. This will allow more people to play and keep playing because playing = fun and not playing = not fun.

The controls could be made more responsive, maybe even give players a button to get up faster or stabilize their character before hitting an object or other player.

Fix the network issues. With all the players remaining in the same match and not constantly being removed there might be more stability there. Additionally, less time spent searching for players is less time spent noticing network issues. Not exactly a fix but definitely less noticeable.

Build more maps. With how simple this game is it should be easy to add more maps to this game. If you consider the fact that a lot of the different map features are interchangeable you could even look at an algorithm that dynamically generates random maps using different map components.

It seems cheaters are being addressed with bans, hopefully preventing cheaters before they act will become a priority.

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