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Fallout: New Vegas should be a case study on how to make a great RPG game

Gamingtodaynews1g - Fallout: New Vegas should be a case study on how to make a great RPG game

I am a huge fan of the Fallout franchise. I love every single entry in the franchise (Yes, even 76), but out of all of them, New Vegas is my favorite. And there's a really damn good reason for it. New Vegas is the prime and best example of what an RPG game should be. Why is that. Well there are many reasons but these are the three main ones in my opinion:

1: The game is suited for pretty much any play style

Not only is it suited for any play style, it has perks and rewards specifically designed for specific play styles. For example, let's say you want to be a melee focused character? Well, the game's got you covered with multiple perks stregthening the impact of melee weapons and making you more resistant to melee damage. Wanna be a close quarters shotgun build. Just grab yourself the Shotgun surgeon perk and you're good to go. And there's many other choices to be made. There's perks for sniper rifles, perks for pistols and knifes etc. Not only that, but the perks also allow for some great roleplaying. Wanna be gay? There's a perk for that. Wanna be straight? There's a perk for that? Wanna be bi? There's perks for that my good friend. Not only that, but perks like Sneering Imperialist which grants bonus damage to tribals and raiders allow you to extend your roleplaying capabilities even further. Almost any style of play is covered for you

2: Choices you make truly and actually matter


New Vegas has one of the best choices/consequences system i've ever experienced in any game ever. And the choices are well tied in with New Vegas's Reputation system which is a system where if you do something good for a faction they will like you and if you do something bad they will hate you. But, the reputation system doesn't end there. So, for example if you do a good thing for a certain faction, the faction that is enemies with the faction that you helped will start to hate you. Merchants of that faction will refuse to trade with you, every time you walk through that faction's town/settlement you will be berrated and insulted and, if you piss them off enough, they will just straight up shoot you on sight and send bounty hunters after you. Getting a bad reputation with a faction also locks you out of any quest you could do for that faction. And this stays throughout the whole game. The faction that you angered won't just forgive you, they will be your enemies unless you do some good deeds for them to make up for the bad ones.

3: There's multiple ways with dealing with quests:

One of the things New Vegas does masterfully is give you multiple options when completing a quest. So, for example if you, say, don't have a high enough speech skill to convince somebody to do something there will be other ways around it. New Vegas will never lock you behind a skill check so you can't complete the quest until you reach that point of the skill check, there's always alternative, albeit less rewarding, ways around completing quests.

All of these things and more make New Vegas one of the best RPG games of all time and, in my personal opinion i have not seen any other game provide this much freedom and choice as New Vegas did

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