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Far Cry 2 is my personal favorite Far Cry game.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Far Cry 2 is my personal favorite Far Cry game.

I love this game so much. It's oppressive atmosphere and sense of loneliness can pull me in like no other shooter. Some may see it as a South Sudan truck driving simulator where you occasionally shoot, and while I can't deny a good chunk of the game is dedicated to driving, it only adds to the experience to me, forcing the player to (mostly) travel from point A to point B gives the game a seamless since of connection while transitioning between locations.

I love the gun jamming, not only does it force you to be on your toes, but it does also have some cool animations. My only complaint is that I think guns deteriorate too fast. Also, stealth is pretty borked in Far Cry 2. Since I played Far Cry 3 first, of course I tried to go for a machete take down, only to alert the entire base.

I find it funny how, in Far Cry 3, you play as a man who has next to no combat experience, and he somehow, pretty much single-handedly (the Rakyat really aren't that helpful in game lol) takes down an entire armies worth of pirates, and mercenaries. But in Far Cry 2, you play as one of 10 mercenaries, who all have combat experience, yet in game you are always the underdog, barely surviving each encounter, managing syrettes, ammo, grenades ect. And while yes, you are also taking out an armies worth of soldiers, you do it by flanking, hiding behind cover, maybe using a grenade as a distraction, planning an ambush. the guard posts of Far Cry 2 need much more forward planning than the ones of Far Cry 3, because of Jason's inflated hp, and him being able to tell when he is being detected by enemies, makes it much easier to just wing it. While in Far Cry 2, if you are playing on Infamous, 2 soldiers can put you down in a heartbeat.


I'm not saying that Far Cry 3 is a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but I can't get immersed in that world. As much as I love the story and gameplay of Far Cry 3, I can't help but feel Far Cry 2 has a much more interesting world. The characters, while bland can still give some insight into this war torn African land. Buddies can aid you in combat, saving your ass if you die (this is more useful on console because no quick saves, but still I feel I should mention it.)

Also, I think the games story is great. I think the Jackal is a very interesting character. He's very mysterious and very ambivalent. But the game, from my eyes isn't really about the Jackal, it's about the war going on in the middle of it, a story about human nature. A more figurative narrative. You visit ancient towns, to Militarized ones.

Now while it's my personal favorite, I still can't deny Far Cry 3 is the best in the series over all, it's what made the series, put it on the map, it's what solidified Ubisoft's open world formula, but I can't help but want a return to Africa. A remaster prehaps, idk.

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