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Feinting etiquette, for gentlemen.

chivalry screenshot1 - Feinting etiquette, for gentlemen.

It's a subject you either love or hate; there is no in between. We have all ran into a battle just to get cut down by a "perfectly" timed feint, and I use the term "perfectly" loosely as there actually is quite some serious time to use it. Be that immediately after the windup almost an entire second later at the tail end of the wind up.

In squaring up to an opponent the feint can be the most powerful ally. It helps the squires play on a field with hardened Knights. However, with all of that said I present to you a list of how to keep the world of feinting as an art for gentlemen and not the common rabble thieving an apple on a crisp summers afternoon.

  1. The very best of swordsman know that opening up a fight with a feint is immoral, although SOMETIMES necessary. I find if I am opening with a feint it's either because the opponent is a much better warrior than I, or because I do not follow up and just watch my opponent block nothing except wind blown leaves. Followed with a cheeky laugh of course.

  2. Using a feint on an archer is extremely frowned upon in the eyes of real gentlemen. The poor creatures barely have body hair to keep warm on frigid lonely nights, let alone any protection from incoming attacks. Give the poor fellow a chance, it's not like he hunts you down for a sword fight. Just leave him be as he sits upon a rock away from the key objective.

  3. Holding back is quite fun believe it or not. Yes, clashing swords until both participants stamina is drained can be quite a thrall. As you meet more skilled players those 30-45 second quick fights will start to be the talk of the taverns of seeing brave warriors square up to equal measure for days on end.

  4. The feint is not just a tool of aggression. Just because it is used mostly for a follow up strike doesn't not mean that it does that and that only. The feint merely ceases all beheading activity all together. It can be used to immediately block an incoming strike. Something that takes time to learn, and when done correctly can bloweth the mind of the oncoming opponent.

  5. The feint can save lives whilst in heavy conflict! If you see a friend incoming to your blade be a good chap and stop that swing!

This has been a referral to etiquette on the subject of feinting. I thank you for taking time upon yourself to read this, and hope that it finds good teachings to the entirety of the kingdoms. GG

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