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Few ideas for a game

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I am not a gamedev obviously. Nor do I have a lot of knowledge on different games, as I mostly played big name titles till 2012. My only two games since have been uncharted 4 and spider man (thanks PlayStation 4 in the community zone of my apartment). So, obviously, some of these ideas might be too difficult, impossible to do etc. But I wanted to share them anyway. Just in case, some people might use these ideas for their next indie title.

Anyway, the list of ideas.

1) A game where we move from one era of gaming to the next. With SSD, it should be easy to do, but I don't know. Idea is that we choose few eras of gaming history and take the most iconic game from that era. I.e. mario bros from NES, halo from Xbox etc. The story follows a time traveller searching for a macguffin (doesn't matter). We play as the protagonist which starts in the current era of gaming, and between the levels, switch to a different era. We might even be able to switch from a first person perspective to a side scrolling platformer or a puzzle game. Again, it is just something I had a thought about, not sure if it will work.

2) A true assassination game. Not unlike hitman, except we don't have a fixed period for assassination. Just a target, an end date for assassination contract. Say assassinating a musician before their next tour. Calendar moves forward for the whole game, instead of every mission. So, if player takes 5 days for first mission instead of 10, he/she can then use the extra days to plan the next mission. Planning meticulously will cause next few missions to have less time, but planning badly will result in failure and require player to stay underground for few days. Total 10 missions over 100 days for the whole story. Missions will have options to follow the target for few days to learn their weakness, find the best time when they are alone, or just go to market and buy a sniper and take a chance on your shooting ability. We can have options like infiltrate security detail or loot the id card from a guard or convince the security or try to sneak in. Basically whole game is planning the mission with 100s of possible routes. Sort of like GTA 5 heists but way more options. We can easily have extremely detailed world design considering it will be mostly limited. Or even go for a top down camera route, if budget is the concern. Game should have tons of replayability as there will be thousands of paths for a player to take. This is actually the most interesting idea I want someone to build on. Because this is the type of game that I will love to play over and over.


3) A racing game set in 3d city based on Google earth or bing maps data. Just a full city, with options to find races at night. You can choose any building as your safe house, within that city. And then roam around at night, trying to find Street races. Talk to different NPCs, talk to garage owners, bribe a shady looking guy in alley. Different mechanisms so that you will find info about a possible race. You have to then drive to the location, meet new people to get better connections for future, and take part in the races. Basically think original fast and furious movie but in game. There is no "end game", no story. You can just continue making money till you end up in a crash. It can happen in 2 races or 200 races. Or you get a choice to retire from racing at any point. A proper simulation of a street racing lifestyle. I know this might be boring for some. But I kinda like the idea of living a racing lifestyle instead of just plain old racing game.

Anyway, these are the few ideas I had over some time now. I can probably do an indie version in unity or at least start something. But spending 2 years or so on creating a game is just not for me. So, I have decided to share these ideas here. I am hoping that someone might get an inspiration and maybe use couple of small mechanics from these game ideas.

If not, we can at least have a good conversation over these mechanics and why they will fail. Because frankly, I am sure, most of these will fail, considering I have no bloody knowledge of game design.

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