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FF7 is pretty feature lacking for a triple A game

Gamingtodaynews1g - FF7 is pretty feature lacking for a triple A game

FF7R Is a pretty feature lacking triple A game

From the moment you preview it on the ps store you look at what it has to offer

And that’s unforgettable characters, mind blowing story and epic battles.

2 of which are the same exact thing.

Which made me come to the realization that FF7R really was just same gameplay stretched across 50 hours in hallways with cutscenes every couple of minutes.

I feel like people give FF7R too much of a pass because they compare it to its originator which mind you came out decades ago and set the standards for it’s time, now that standard has been altered immensely and more than graphics should reflect that.

When you compare it to its contemporaries it just pales in comparison. Something like Nier automata which had a way smaller budget was able to offer more as a game than FF7R. Heck even assassin creed Valhalla had more to it than combat and story.

And no I’m not saying it has to be open world I am saying that for example games like control have such unique level design and the same with god of war. Why is the level design in this game super uninspiring? They could’ve had interesting souls like elements like the surge did and have a myriad of interconnected shortcuts that could lead to loot or story content. You can’t tell me other games have pulled this off while also having great combat and story, but final fantasy Remake can’t and it’s already got a whole script.


Why couldn’t their be interactivity with the world they could’ve had pop up events that could’ve featured you saving an npc that got surrounded by enemies or you know actual jumping so their could be parkour puzzles not the sorry excuse for guided parkour we got.

They could’ve had personal little side quest with your main characters so you could spend more time with them.

This style of game worked for ff7 because it wasn’t that lengthy of a game for most people. But this game is 40-50 hours base and it’s only a 1 part of a trilogy. you’re going to be doing the same things without any other real forms of gameplay or systems for the whole time. This is arguably more on rails than naughty dog games.

With all of this said I do actually enjoy what this game has to offer, but it’s so little that I can’t even begin to compare it to any big name ARPGS roaming the market right now even small time ones. It feels like the only thing square worked on all that time is graphics and combat, which is crazy because those are only like the first stage of development for most games.

Even if the second comes out with a bunch of new features and systems, I doubt they’re going to be so great to not only match its price point in value, but also it’s predecessor and justify a whole 120+

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