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FF7 Remake and Retconning

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Obviously as the title suggest im going to be talking spoilers for FF7R. For anyone that hasn't played the game, continued reading anyways, and has somehow avoided getting spoiled that FF7R is actually sequel to the original, the way it handles the FF7 canon is a little bit confusing. In short this is because while it is in fact a sequel taking place after certain characters time travel to the start of the events of the original FF7, it adds new events that are unclear if are new to the current timeline or are retconned to have happened in the original. For example was Cloud's encounter with the new character Roche unique to this timeline or was the continuity changed so that he was present in the original too? The original has been retconned several times by different additions to the series, and I'm not saying that retcons are bad. However FF7R seems to actively retcon the original while simultaneously changing things via time travel shenanigans, and it's near impossible to differentiate which is which.


This is different to the way the series has been retconned before. For example Advent Children and Last Order were both films that had to translate the "take turns hitting each other" turn based rpg combat of the original into a cinematic experience. They portrayed the combat to be high flying and over the top. That style continued throughout the series since although it wasn't present in the original. Another example would be how Crisis Core retconned the demeanor of the members of Soldier. Until that game Soldier had only been shown as stoic professionals. Sephiroth, Zach, and a bunch of nameless identical enemy Soldier grunts near the endgame were the only view of Soldier we had. Then Crisis Core retconned Zach and the rest of the soldier core to be a rag tag group of lovable insecure lunatics. Now I'm not saying either of these changes were inherently good or bad. What I am saying is that the retroactive changes to the continuity were made clear to the audience, and they didn't interfere with narrative that was being told.

FF7R on the other hand does not handle retcons well. It maintains the retcons that the rest of the series put in place while also retconning the series itself to facilitate its own plot, all while juggling a time travel plot that effects a timeline it hasn't finished retconning.

Now does this destroy FF7R and make it a terrible game? Of course not, but it is a frustrating to tell a story. Do you think I'm overthinking things here with regard to retcons or do you agree the narrative of FF7R suffered because poorly implementing them?

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