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[FFXIV] One Bad Day

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TL;DR – I end up getting kicked from a dungeon for not being suicidal.

So I trust a few people have heard of Final Fantasy XIV by now. As a subscriber since the tail end of the Heavensward expansion, I can safely say I had fun. The combat is gratifying, the main story quests never got excessively fetch-questy, and I LOVE being able to switch classes on the fly.

With that said, my dungeoneering experiences have not always been stellar. And I was reminded of this one by a friend telling how a similar experience ended. Either way, I'm getting this one out before the depths of human memory distort it any further.

This instance occurred in a dungeon unlocked halfway into Stormblood's MSQ, so I will have to omit its name to avoid spoilers. I was queuing solo for it as a Dark Knight (DRK), which is to say I was a tank specialized in generating and maintaining aggro rather than innate survivability. It was my first time tanking it, and I recall being slightly undergeared for the place at the time, so I was understandably cautious.

My randomly-selected party members were an Astrologian (AST, healer centered around giving buffs determined by rng), a Samurai (SAM, the class with the highest potential melee damage output), and a Black Mage (BLM, the class with the highest potential damage output of ANY class, provided it doesn't need to move much). I didn't think much of it, since I usually end up PUG-ing with all manner of far more bizarre and eclectic party compositions.

We get to the first trash pull. Right away, SAM runs ahead to the next trash pull, and drags it over to me.


At first, I was confused. Did he think I was trying to grab two groups?

Then the SAM did it again, and I called him out.


Me: Please don't pull ahead of the undergeared tank.

BLM: Maybe don't pull like a puss.

Excuse me? I was calling out the SAM for trying to be the tank he very much isn't, not the BLM.

So now I have reason to believe that BLM and SAM both want me to suicide-pull. Perhaps they just saw me as a DRK, thought I would be pulling trains into the boss room without losing aggro, and got disappointed by my necessary caution? Perhaps they were trolling? I have no idea.

Either way, I stubbornly continue to pull more sane amounts of mobs, knowing that, undergeared or no, I'm still the stop gap between the other party members and certain death.

After the first boss of three, I realize that the AST, though quiet, is rather competent. So I step up my game, pulling two groups at once prior to the second boss. The second boss goes down. We get to yet another trash pull before I see obstacles that would hinder our survivability. So I slow down out of due caution. The party gets reckless. As I go to pull another group, the BLM lags behind. What the heck is he–

System: You have been vote-dismissed from the instance.


As I spawn back into my FC's housing district, I am LIVID. Not only did someone put up a vote to kick me for not being suicidal, but enough people agreed to it for it to go through!

In hindsight, that might have been abuse of the vote kick system. It's in place to help remove problem players from a dungeon, not punish people for valuing their lives!

Not that it matters now… T-T

So as a result, I have a policy of "you pull it, you tank it".

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