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FFXIV wont ever compare to how FFXI felt. Opinion

Gamingtodaynews1f - FFXIV wont ever compare to how FFXI felt. Opinion

14 just seems to casual and there is a great lack in community and relationship building not to mention the focus is just fashion. The early game was neglected in favor of endgame i played 14 since release and quit last year in favor of a ff11 private server.

Now i wont say the current FFXI is good it suffers from the same issues as 14 in the sense of lacking community and feels more solo oriented.

Post TOAH (treasures of aht urghan) the game put a heavy emphasis on who you knew what you needed to do for that day it felt like each step was heavy and firm that led somewhere.

There was plenty of theory crafting and it might be just me but the combat in 11 imo is more inovative then 14 you could skill chain + magic burst steal loot from enemies. You had spells to hide you from being agroed you could dig for loot on your chocobo to level it up enough to dig up rare ores.

Weather played a heavy roll in 11 from gardening to synthesizing items in lightning day for better results or helping prevent loss of items.

Certain enemies spawned during certain weather which in itself needed you to plan such as stellae glare in qufim for light clusters.

Crafting was hard but rewarding not everyone could do it as it required a lot of gil so you needed to get in someonea good book or if you were a crafter you would be known.

Relic weqpon in 14 mean little to 11 relic weapons were a sign of dedication and wealth you were rewarded with a skill only that weapon could use.

Job traits felt meaningful double attack for warrioe or treassure hunter on thief.

Sub jobs felt meaningful the good old rdm/nin for genbu soloing


Blue mage on 14 feels like a hand me down the spells feel rushed or useless while blu in 11 was fun and exciting you had so many spells that each seemed to have a use the class itself was strong and not locked out from a lot of group content.

In 11 you had monsters that spawned rarely every 2 hours or every 24 hours for a chance at rare equipment that was amazing. Imagine bieng a level 16 new player comming across leaping lizzy snagging the tag from a high level and getting a drop even level 75s would love to have.

These drops arent easily replaces the emperor hairpin at 24 could be used at 75 in macros you didnt willy nilly get rid of stuff every piece was cherished.

Abilities compared to 14 just feel like heaven and earth. thiefs had an ability that let you steal useful loot from enemies to use in crafting.

In 14 leveling all your jobs gives you an ugly ass mount in 11 leveling your jobs pre toah to 75 and fightin maat aswell a winning will give you an amazing item that was useful.

You could buy ammo that debuffed enemies needed to sleep/bind them incase of over pulling. Each zone had reason to be there a benefit.

14 just seems so pointless in many aspects and rushed i see it as the current ff11 made for people who want an easy brain dead grinding mmo about fashion. And no i dont think the story is as good as 11 is which as you progressed and ranked up gave you access to unique equipment for your nation.

Sorry about grammar i used my phone

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