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Final fantasy 7 was a work of art for it’s time and has a phenomenal world.

Gamingtodaynews1e - Final fantasy 7 was a work of art for it's time and has a phenomenal world.

Before I start this post, two things, one, thank you for all of the support on my majora's mask post from a few days ago and two, check out Jacob Geller's video on FF7 (and his other amazing videos) it's completely unrelated but I feel as if you guys would love him. Anyways back to what I was going to say.

Plenty has been said on Final Fantasy 7, it's easily the most talked about game in the massive series and even if it isn't the best, people can't deny the impact it's had. Released in 1997 I can't say this game has aged the best, in fact it really hasn't aged well at all, anyone who's playing it for the first time without previous final fantasy experience is unlikely to enjoy the game.

The one thing in my eyes or.. ears that's really held up the most in this game is the soundtrack. It is an absolutely amazing soundtrack that front to back is worth a listen, and that's something that I can say for practically every final fantasy game is that they have phenomenal soundtracks leading all the way back to the first game.

Well, I played the game all the way through for the first time this year, after I beat the remake. For someone like me who is way into RPG classics and having beat FF6 years prior. I just never got around to beating the game, I kept getting to random sections within the first 3 hours of the game and quitting. I don't know why but I could never hold too much interest.

When I finally got around to beating it I was blown away, even after completing the remake which blew me away as well and was my personal game of the year. The remake is only part 1 of the original game and really magnifies the first disc of final fantasy 7. It feels so expanded upon and completely changes the fighting style from turn based to a more action rpg approach and I'm all for it.


There's one moment that happens in the original game that night just be my favorite game moment ever. It's when you first step out of Midgar and the realization hits that there is so much more in this world. That main theme plays which is such a beautiful track, Midgar looks tiny in comparison to the massive, green, curvy world. The ocean looks eternal, it's not like the world is filled with things to do or anything, it's just a map to travel from place to place.

Going to Kalm after leaving Midgar is strange, because for the previous 5-6 hours, Midgar was the entire world you knew in the game. However you come to realize that the game is far more ambitious than most other games. It reminds me of The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past, released 5 years prior in 1992 on the SNES.

A Link To The Past hints at another world to explore around an hour before you get there. Once you get sent to the dark world you get a whole new world theme, the difficulty cranks up a lot and there is a lot to take in. It's a strange comparison but in a time when game worlds didn't take as long to create and weren't wildly dense, things like this could be pulled off.

Maybe I haven't found a new game that pulls this off as well as those games back then but I still hope one day I can get that Wow moment out of a new game world where it throws a whole.. new world at you. Its something I sure as hell can't see final fantasy doing in a single game anytime soon, but part 2 of the remake should hopefully open up and give us a fully explorable and loveable world.

As for the original game once more, if you get the chance to play it or replay it, I hope you enjoy it. It's such a damn good game. Thanks for reading

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