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Finally had enough of WoW

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Guess I might walk away. Not because of covenants, but because since I joined the game at the tail end of Legion following this game has just been a constant stream of negativity. I don’t have anyone to talk about the game with because nobody wants to talk about anything but how bad the game is. The news on what’s upcoming is always negative. I don’t understand why anyone is still playing if the game has really been in free fall for three years now.

I’m tired of reading all the comments. I’m tired of the people who can’t say express themselves without having to martyr themself: “Blizzard doesn’t care about me.” I do not understand why you are still playing the game if you truly feel that way. I’m not saying criticism isn’t allowed, I’m saying the quality of this discourse is awful. The player base surrounding World of Warcraft at this point thrives off of negativity. It’s not enough to be frustrated with something, there has to be a conspiracy. It has to be nefarious, greedy developers out to make you miserable as if WoW were operated by the Legion of Doom and Ion Hazzikostas were Lex Luthor himself.

I just Googled that man’s name and the second suggested search, after the correct spelling I was looking for, was ‘fire Ion Hazzikostas’. Just throwing that out there.


I just want to enjoy WoW. I dunno. I need advice. I like WoW but it almost feels bad to play it when you’re surrounded with so many seemingly unhappy people. As if I doing something wrong. I feel guilty. It isn’t so much that I wish people would stop complaining, it’s that I wish Blizzard would just do right so I could enjoy World of Warcraft guilt-free. With everyone. Together. I don’t want to see Blizzard’s name being dragged through the mud because they themselves put it there. I don’t feel good about continuing to play after the China controversy, the phone game nonsense, the allegations of underpaying developers. Makes me wonder what they’re going to do next and if there’s a point where I can no longer justify my subscription.

I don’t know why I’m saying this. I’ve been struggling with it for a bit now. I’m looking at FFXIV a bit. I redownloaded Destiny 2 to give that a look. The truth is I preordered Shadowlands ages ago and still want to play it but I don’t want to go through about 8.0. I can’t do it. I had my frustrations but being in and around that shitstorm of negative energy was so hard. I don’t care if people can change covenants or not but I hope Blizzard changes it just so everyone can hopefully be happy. I guess they still might not but I wish they’d just listen.

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