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First draft for the proposed rule changes.

Gamingtodaynews1e - First draft for the proposed rule changes.

After the recent modfree day, which we will never repeat, we found out that some of the rules were generally unclear or too restrictive.

We have already removed the 350 rule.

A balance needs to be struck, allow as much as possible without allowing spam.
We've listened for feedback, and this is what we've come up with.

Don’t ask for MMO recommendations
The community has spoken on this one and we agree, LFMMO posts are annoying. They clutter up discussion and just don’t add much. For those that want to look for an MMO we have set up LFMMO and there is a weekly sticky here on the sub.

Don’t be toxic
What is toxicity?

Toxicity is a broad term, but it basically means “everything that you do that makes you a dick”. But for the sake of clarity we define it as such:

You will be labeled toxic when you intentionally use language meant to hurt people, this includes hate speech and personal attacks. But toxicity can go beyond that, for example you can be negative without adding value. It’s okay to not like something, if a poster goes “I’m really enjoying my time in Hello Kitty Island Adventure” that is not the time or place to go “HKIA is an objectively bad game”. What you could say however is why you personally disliked the game, it’s going to lead to better discussions and you won’t be a massive pain in our asses.

If you’re going to be a troll, we will remove you from this community.

Don’t post referral links or discord/community invites
Nobody likes it when someone promotes a product so they can get a kickback.

So we don’t allow referral links to keep the intentions of those recommending games clear. However there is a single exception for this rule and that is if you directly stand to make money from the referral link we will allow it as it is actually worth something then.

If you post discord invites unsolicited/bait for them to be asked you will also be removed as we see this as spam. I can believe one link to a community is okay, but if you do it consistently its self promotion and spam.

No YouTube direct linking — unless it's straight from the developers page.
To avoid people spamming their sick PVP montages we won’t allow this. Some of you might not remember the days before this wasn’t a rule but it’s really for the better. If you have a video you want to share from a non-developer it needs to be in a text post, but that text post also needs to contain enough information (At least a paragraph) so discussion can take place without needing to watch the video.


Read the self promo rules before you promote your own work!
You can promote your own creations here, but we ask that you do it in the form of a self post on Reddit at first, meaning you write a paragraph or two of text explaining what you’re also discussing or showing off before you post a link to your content, if you’re a regular and you’ve always kept to these rules we will allow you to start direct linking as long as you don’t just dump your link and run until the next piece of content is out. You can reach out to us if you feel you should be on the allowlist for direct linking to your work.

A dev or representing a studio? Reach out to us via modmail.

No private servers
Reddit prohibits us (technically) to allow posts involving prohibited goods or services and technically private servers are illegal. Unless you have a license or a good faith understanding with the devs that what you’re doing is okay like project 1999 then we’re going to not allow your post. Think an exception needs to be made? Send us some mod mail.

Don’t complain about something being or not being an MMO
We get it, you don’t think X or Y is an MMO. That’s fine, you’re allowed to think that. But just because something isn’t an MMO doesn’t mean it's not worthy of discussion here. Raid design in Destiny might be a topic that could take place here and it's relevant because other mmos could learn from it. But just saying “it isn’t an mmo” isn’t productive to the conversation.

If you have questions about why these rules exist :

– LFMMO was disruptive, you guys voted to remove it

– Toxicity is always a problem, we're not the thought police or policing language but if you want to be an asshole you can do it elsewhere.

– youtube direct links/self promotion/referral links: we don't wanna be a place where people just dump their links and then only return when their next piece of content is out. We're not your personal view/click farm.

– No private servers is also a measure to avoid spam, if you think this should be allowed on the sub we can have a discussion about that for sure.

– Don't complain about what is/isnt an mmo: We're not here to define the genre, but you can discuss aspects of games or recommend games that are similar enough to mmos.

We are still listening to feedback, and we will look at the comments here on proposals. If you are rude however you will be removed from the conversation.

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