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First impressions of different MMOs.

Gamingtodaynews1e - First impressions of different MMOs.

I will give the good first impression I have as well as the bad first impression. This thread is written in a light tone of voice. It doesn't mean my words can't be criticized, just know that I'm writing this with fondness in my heart regarding these experiences.

For those who CTRL + F: Games are World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, Secret World Legends, RuneScape 3, Old School RuneScape, Albion Online.

**World of Warcraft**

**Good:** I love how this game is giving me a sense of direction!

**Bad:** uh so when will these quests direct me out of the starting area?

**Guild Wars 2**

**Good:** I love how this game is giving me a sense of direction …

**bad:** … right into a dead end.

**Elder Scrolls Online**

**good:** The voice acting SQUEE!

**bad:** How do I read the compass?! What does this straight bar mean? Why can't they just use a circle!?

**Star Wars the Old Republic**

**good:** Solid storyline (Chose imperial agent because according to a poll it had the most voters and I wanted my first impression of SWTOR to be the one most likely to be a good one)

**bad:** 'I've seen enough of this swamp' – my character's words, not mine!

**Secret World Legends**

**good:** The voice acting! The dialogue! The body language! The facial expressions! It's so amaze!

**bad:** Can't a gal just enjoy the story without the town fellas tryna eat her every ten seconds?

**RuneScape 3**

**good:** It feels good to see all of my progress. One day I'm going to be max in everything …

**bad:** … *this user has quit RuneScape. Will be back next year for double xp weekend.*

**Lord of the Rings Online**

**good:** WaOH the world! The scenery!

**bad:** I don't speak Tolkien 🙁

**Old School RuneScape the "new" one**

**good:** Nostalgia!

**bad:** I didn't remember how frail I was in OSRS. After only a light ten second jog I find myself outta breath.

**Albion Online**

**good:** I love how awesome this skill tree looks. I can already roadmap my character's journey.

**bad:** Having to train in PVP zones at certain points because that's where the best stuff is.


I'm going to touch into a bit more detail about what I love about these games. I haven't played World of Warcraft for long enough yet, so I can't really make any more good assumptions. So far I've been doing a lot of fetch quests and since I have nothing good to say about those, I won't say anything about that.

**Guild Wars 2**

  • Combat
  • A dynamic world
  • Fashion
  • Easy to get a group together for content. Some nice players will even do a carry, as long as you're honest in LFG about your skill level. If not, they might leave, not because they'd never carry anyone. But because false advertising. It's disrespectful.

  • Mounts

  • Getting to have Tyria time in game

  • Decent landscapes

  • World bosses and big events where players just get together without any organization needed

**RuneScape and Old School RuneScape**

  • Don't have to be the hero
  • So many choices
  • Lots of good quests with so much variety in tone and genre.
  • Chillax. At a certain point you have to go after the danger and not the other way around.
  • Actually have more time to talk in that game. In GW2 you can't talk until you're somewhere safe.

**Star Wars the Old Republic**

  • It's Star Wars
  • The class story

**Lord of the Rings Online**

  • It's Lord of the Rings
  • Amazing landscapes – I do use the upgraded graphical package

**Secret World Legends**

  • Great story

**Elder Scrolls Online**

  • The first fetch and grab quest required me to rescue people who had been kidnapped and tortured. Meaningful fetch and grab quest.
  • Good voice acting
  • The game is refreshing in making you feel like a morally grey hero, or a villain with a code. Not sure if my pc is the good guy or the bad guy here. Is pc good because he decided to show mercy as pc believed that no matter what she's done, she needs to be tried in a court of law rather than them being the vigilante.? Or is pc evil because he saved an evil woman's life?

**Albion Online**

  • The light banter among hardcore PVPers.
  • The landscape
  • Beautiful skill map

I got a bit carried away. Was trying to meet the 350 word quota and was inspired to add more, because it felt unfinished after only 350 words.

Thank you for flicking your eyes down the page!

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