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First Person Shooters, i want some innovation..

Gamingtodaynews1g - First Person Shooters, i want some innovation..

The FPS market right now is really saturated with lots of games but also very stale at the same time.

First we have the AAA, Black Ops Cold War. It started off being a much needed breath of fresh air with old-school 1980s weapons and the cold war theme, but has since devolved into just another flashy clown-shooter with a battlepass that only gets maintained to milk more cash from impulsive children. Its a great game at the core but generating revenue is its main purpose rather than being fun and you can really feel that when playing.

Then we have R6 Siege, which is also a very solid shooter but its starting to show its age especially in the graphics and gunplay departments, aswell as being plagued by rampant cheating/griefing/exploitation and other toxic behaviour from a generally overdedicated community of esports wannabe tryhards kinda kills it for me.

Now Battlefield 5. I dont have much to say about it myself because i dont play it but community complaints include but are not limited to: agressive monetization via ingame premium currency hindering progression, a general lack of content, and of course the offputting inauthentic artstyle.

Las one on the list, Escape from Tarkov. My top pick and also the underdog. An incredibly innovative game by a very dedicated russian dev team that skillfully combines all sorts of fun game mechanics. An RPG-like slot based inventory system, combined PvP/PvE online raids with unmatched depth in gameplay/gunplay, high levels of fidelity in all aspects (ammo types, body armor types..) your own survival Bunker to manage and upgrade like in a mobile game, a huge and interesting suite of quests like an MMORPG. Its almost perfect but EFT runs like crap on even the most high end systems, barely averaging 40 FPS with frequent stutters, freezes and frametimes in the 3 digits (!!!) That combined with very bad server connections renders it unplayable for me, due to the hardcore nature utmost precision and absolute tryharding is basically required to win any firefight and its not possible with this kind of performance, so most of my fights get decided by sheer luck and thats just not fun long term.


Ready or Not (unreleased, in alpha) is getting my hopes up but the developers seemingly shifted focus from a level based tactical PvE SWAT shooter where you have to rescue hostages and minimize casualties to working on just another generic multiplayer FPS. Yawn. They sold 140$ preoder copies and barely post updates. Will propably be DOA or an eternal beta.

Now for my pitch: I want a studio to take on a singleplayer only, hyper realistic FPS „hunted“ experience set in a single, medium sized and intricately designed level á-la HITMAN. You play a well equipped and resourceful mercenary using a limited but high-fidelity selection of firearms aswell as your knowledge of the environment to face off against multiple very difficult AI tactical teams hunting and tracking you across the map. Kind of like the AI in FEAR the enemy combatants will act and shoot very quickly and can not simply be taken head on as a single shot to the torso kills the player. Replayability, addictive high-fidelity gunplay and unpredictably harsh AI would be the selling points of the game.

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