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Fist Of North Star Lost Paradise vs Ken’s Rage 1

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Anyone played both games would like to hear from you. i finished Ken's Rage 1 and played Ken's Rage 2 but was put off with the simplified system and crowd control of Ken's Rage 2.

Ken's Rage 1 remains one of the best 3D beat em up game for me. Punches & Kicks feels solid and you cannot spam buttons like normal beat em ups. There is so many variations you can do with the combos that opens up more powerful combos and you feel like you are in control. The variety of sub characters makes adds fun to play on different style characters like Nanto's Rei.

I've heard nothing but good words about Lost Paradise and how it's pretty close to the original Ken's Rage. However upon spending $39 and playing it for few hours, i have to say, honestly it's very different from Ken's Rage. The Combo's are pretty simple button smashing and lacks variety, the main goal of normal attacks is so you can spam O and land a secret technique on them (which doesn't require any power gauge), in Ken's rage those super moves requires power gauge and enemies may dodge it. The QTE pays some homage to Ken's rage (one thing i dislike) but was better implemented in Lost Paradise.

The boss fights are pretty straight forward. Block until you get an opening. Charge attack until boss stops blocking then spam light attacks, wait for O and use hidden technique. While in Ken's Rage 1 it plays more like Bloodborne & Dark Souls where you need to figure out the bosses moves and plan your attack to build up a bigger strikes. Every boss fight felt like you are watching the show, on Hard difficulty the fight becomes very different yet not as frustrating as Bloodborne. The only thing that sucked really bad was the final QTE sequence, on hard it's near impossible to pull off and everytime you fail the boss recovers certain amount of hp and you gain more disadvantage for every failed attempt until you eventually loses.


Though both game share similar upgrade system, Ken's Rage allows more variety of combos & special moves to be unlocked, while Lost Paradise focus more on stats upgrades. And i really don't get why in Lost Paradise, you can only jump and perform certain basic combos in Rage mode, those moves should be available all the time.

Though Lost Paradise offers more RPG elements and better graphics, i rather prefer Ken's Rage story that follows closely to the originals. The walking is also abit wonky on Lost Paradise, you often get stuck in between NPCs that slows you down, and when you go beyond the area limit, the game stalls you by turning Ken around and locking the controls for few seconds like it's trying to punish you. The text conversation pops up real slow and really time wasting and the blip everytime you move to a new area around the corner is annoying.

This is the 1st Yakuza styled game i've played (was looking forward to Judge's Eye but now i'm skeptical) so it might not suit my taste but i bought the game mainly thinking it plays similar to Ken's Rage 1. I know many folks think Ken's Rage 1 sucks as there's not much exploration and the (secret) objectives can be unclear and the QTE sucks, but somehow i can feel the satisfaction during fights since it's not just about getting the moves right but also some planning. The camera on Lost Paradise is also pretty subpar especially the auto adjust cam when you are running. you need to manually adjust the camera during fights can be distracting (and you though enemy lock button should also lock the camera towards them?)

Now i'm thinking of getting back a copy of Ken's Rage but they are so expensive right now… more expensive than a brand new copy of Lost Paradise. Will still give Lost Paradise more play time just to see if it gets better i know there are some combo moves to be unlocked that may improve the fights slightly.

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