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Follow up to trying to get into MMORPG

Gamingtodaynews1e - Follow up to trying to get into MMORPG

So I made a post a short while ago just asking some basic questions about the genre and I've tried out a couple of games (not deeply, pretty much just like the tutorial or part of the tutorial. Done maybe an hour and a half total). So now I'm trying to figure out more specifically exactly what game me and my friends are going to get deeply into.

Games I've tried so far are Vindictus, Guild Wars 2, and Tera. Pretty much the only thing I got the sense of by playing about half an hour each was how the combat feels. Vindictus was by far my favorite for that, although Tera kind of sort of got close (I did quite like the whole Lancer shield thing, that felt good). Guild Wars 2 was fine, although I feel like me and my friends would fall into a trap of all playing the rogue because that was the only one that felt like it was interactive combat (again, at least at the very beginning of the game. If it gets better, please do tell me).

I will say that I think I like the dungeon aspect a bit more than the open world of Tera and GW2, but that might just be an extension of me liking the combat more in Vindictus.

So now I want to get into the stuff that I want to hear help for. First off if I like the combat of Vindictus the most, are there other games that get on that level (or is Tera about as close as it gets?). I heard Black Desert is similar, but I've also heard it isn't similar at all. I'm asking this mostly because my understanding is that Vindictus is essentially a dead game.

Second off how is the PvE for the games above? Again I've only gotten maybe 30 minutes into each so I really don't have a good idea of it. The PvE combined with the combat is the most important factor for me and my friends as that is really going to be what we spend most of our time on. So again, if you can think of a game that does this well please tell me about it as well as talking about the games I've tried.


Another super important factor is how easily me and my two friends can play together for pretty much the entirety of the game. That is kind of a necessity (excluding tutorials or something).

PvP would be nice, because one of my friends likes PvP but honestly he would be satisfied if there is just a way to challenge me or my other friend to a duel, wreck us, and then move on to the PvE. Doesn't really need to be a big PvP thing, and in fact we probably wouldn't do that.

Difficulty would be great. I'd rather not just button mash and be successful for the entirety of the game.

Finally for payment, if it is pay to play I'd prefer an upfront payment (in fact one upfront payment with minimal in game purchases would be my ideal situation, rather than free to play).

But a TL;DR for most important things in a game to recommend or stick with one more time:

-Good PvE where I feel like I'm actually playing a video game instead of button mashing, preferably with difficulty.

->Meaning good combat. I believe the combat type I'm going for is Action combat? (Whatever not tab targeting is, assuming tab targeting is that WoW kind of combat). Noting that Vindictus was really nice for this.

——–>>>>>>Able to party with my two friends for (essentially) the entire game<<<<<——–

-To a lesser degree, but there all the same, extra points for being newer/more populated.

Thanks in advanced!

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