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For a starter MMO, this game is good!

Gamingtodaynews1g - For a starter MMO, this game is good!

So I tried out Reign of Darkness this past weekend (They had a free weekend on steam) and honestly… it was great!

I just want to start off by saying that I am in no way affiliated or have any connections with Unorthodox Studios and am only sharing my honest thoughts on the game that I got from putting in about 24 hours these past couple days.

Let's start out with the obvious first. Yes this game is a kickstarter and yes this game is definitely in a very VERY early and rough stage. The game has lots of bugs and is quite limited in content, as of course it is an alpha. Usually the words kickstarter make me run away from a game. I've seen the failed attempts and always read the stories. I myself have only ever backed 2 games I thought looked promising, one which is now a leading giant in the aRPG genre – Path of Exile, and one MMO currently in development, Ashes of Creation. Other than that I've stayed clear due to glaring issues.

This is one of those games where I look at, look at their goals and what they've accomplished so far and say that I can get on board.

To start off, the kickstarter isn't asking for much. Their scope is humble and what they have to offer now is more than I expected. When I played on the free weekend I was expecting a small, shitty, buggy and laggy not-even-worthy-to-call-an-mmo game. But when I loaded in and got familiarized with the controls, classes and UI I immeditially saw this game has a lot more to offer.

The skill and attribute system is pretty great, the skills and classes feel awesome, being able to combine 3 classes is even more awesome. The fact that they have quite a large couple chunks of land, together with tons of mobs, quests, mounts and already a handful of dungeons surpassed my expectations completely. The tab-target combat is for the most part really smooth and enjoyable.


But one of the things I enjoyed the most was the loot grind and slowly progressing my character with the skills and gears I get. The items are exciting to get, the upgrades feel impactful, and more importantly, the items actually LOOK amazing! Some of the models they have for weapons and armors look so cool and you feel great having them.

On top of that, its nice that they already have some functions I wasn't expecting to already be implemented in such an early build of the game such as partying up with friends, trading, instanced-loot, crafting and re-rolling gear and even a transmorg system!

I loved this game so much that I was sad when the free weekend was over and ended up supporting them to be able to play more and stay up to date with patches and progress.

Honestly I wish more people got to try it over the free weekend as I found it to be nothing short of the most fun I've had in a while. If you guys are looking for a decent little fun MMO to get into with a small price tag currently, hop in. Obviously just come into it expecting bugs and knowing it's an alpha.

Go and check them out here:

TL:DR; Game might be rough and new, but its hella fun and the systems in-place are great!

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