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FRAGMENTED SOUL : A block chain legacy

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Hello everyone, I wanted to share some information on an upcoming MMORPG being developed as we speak. If you love gaming, or crypto , or both than this is right up your alley! Fragmented Soul is an MMORPG being developed that will have block chain integration, namely lamden block chain.

Fragmented Soul is a 3rd person play style with a Skyrimesque feel and a heavy PVP (player vs player) orientation, along with PVE (player versus environment) elements. Some main features include :

PVP: There will be dueling (1v1), ranked arena (2v2 and 3v3), battlegrounds (10v10) and open world PVP events with the potential for 100v100 combat. Fragmented Souls is a skill-based game, so we plan on incorporating a wagering system using crypto currency in place for PVP combat in the future.

PVE: To help you get an edge, there will be both solo zones and team zones for dungeons. Drops are determined by zone difficulty and are distributed proportionately among players who are involved.

To keep combat balanced, we are minimizing gear dependency, encouraging players to develop their knowledge, skill, and overall game prowess to dominate their opponents (rather than relying on overpowered items). With that same philosophy, Fragmented Souls will not be pay to win — there will be no stat boosting items sold in any sort of cash shop.

Community Governance:

Fragmented Souls players will know best what the game needs, and so we want the community to be able to vote and decide on how the game evolves. A governance token (FSG) will be earned in game via quests and achievements. It will be used by players to submit proposals and vote on them. These proposals will range from a great new update idea, stat/class rebalancing, or reversing a recent update that the community feels has negatively impacted the game.



In-game items, custom skins, and more will all be non-fungible things (NFTs) that can be traded on a marketplace in-game. The currency used for the marketplace will be TAU, as Fragmented Soul is built on Lamden.

Giving Back:

Some fees (inherent to blockchain) will be sent to the game developers as a form of payment for the (otherwise free) game. We plan on allocating a portion of these fees to be returned to you, the player in the potential form of: TAU drops from bosses, event rewards and more!

Fragmented Soul combines a large variety of gaming elements with blockchain technology, while incorporating community involvement and real-world payouts. The game will take many stages, it will develop and grow, and with your help — be the best it can be.

Join us. Gather souls, develop your ancient hero and conquer great evils. This, is Fragmented Souls.

Feel free to join the community! Gameplay video :

Website :

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