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Free Nintendo Switch Gamer Advise: Take advantage to safe money on Pre-own (used) GameStop deals/sales.

Gamingtodaynews1b - Free Nintendo Switch Gamer Advise: Take advantage to safe money on Pre-own (used) GameStop deals/sales.

Take advantage of safe money on Pre-own (used) GameStop deals/sales.

Hey, I just save $150! USA BTW. Almost all of my Switch games are from Online GameStop website buying Pre-own (used) during deals sale and always save all my money. I know everyone has a horror story and every gamer hates to GameStop but we all cheapskates and frugal in this Reddit so suck it up. So, all the used cartridges are good with no stretches. Some have original cases with their cover art and someone has dumb game stop paper covers with black weak plastic cases if you care. I return a game that I don't like and they always cool and got my money back. I even never went to their stores to buy, only mail and in a box. Here examples of why Game stop always has good deals.

New or Pre-owned games prices might be better deals than the Nintendo Eshop

If you look for Valkyria Chronicles 4, there better deal in Gamestop then the Eshop. According to your friend DokuDeals, this game only available on the digital download that costs $30, somehow this $60 just down. However, a new physical game will cost $24. Pre-owned Physical games will cost $18. BUT here the catch, There are a lot of good deals, a lot of items are currently not available online. In my experience, I still fricken pissed that I miss a good deal because I wait for a better deal until it's gone. So there are days you will be lucky and some days you won't. It's your choice to wait it out to get a better deal It will take time. Almost pay $15 for this game but I waited WAY too long and WAY too cheap. I still feel the cringe to myself to this day. Also, another good example is Wargroove Deluxe Edition ($14.99 physical).

Purchase any # PO SW ~$20 and under Save ##% on purchase

This makes cheap games more even cheaper every game you bought. The more games, the cheaper. For example, I bought Mega Man 11 ($13), Dead Cells ($25), Death Mark ($15), Owlboy ($20), Blade Strangers ($25 but returned). Total cost is $107.98 BUT because of the, I got a deal of "Purchase any 5 or More PO SW $19.99 and under Save 50%", this means I save %50 for buying 5 pre-own games that less than $19.99. So in English, %50 of total cost $107.98 means I only pay $53.23. I just save $50 from that deal and pay $50. I wish I bought Slay the Spire instead of Blade Strangers. BUT BUT there's a catch, many are bad games. Make sure their GOOD PRE-OWN GAMES, not the bad random ones to get your money worth. Metacritic is your friend.



I know everyone has their opinions with this type of marketing but how do I feel guilty when they're good deals. So every American holiday, like car dealership sales, there is always this same deal in Gamestop or any store. It sounds like buying one used game full price and buy two used games in one full price. For example during Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day weekend ALONE and virus free, I bought The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ($48), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ($55), Dragon Quest Builders 2 ($55). BUT BUT BUT there's a catch, the lowest priced game will be free and not the highest cost. I got Zelda for free and saved $48. I only pay $110. If you are stupid and overthink like me, I pay two games for $55 and pay $55. It's better than nothing.

In Conclusion,

Here's a catch, this essay is for my rant. Don't try to stop me YOU MODS. Once you're poor, you will never come back. I don't like paying full price on Nintendo because it's a Wii U game for full price, a PC game for full price, Playstation store is cheaper, etc. Nintendo has a weak system to be portable, this means we don't have the best games on the gamer market. Where Doom Enteral on the Switch? Why Pokemon sucks right now? Where Persona games? Why I'm going to miss out GOTY Cyberpunk 2077. There are no games to look up for until we some Direct based on 4Chan rumors leaks? Why Smash Pros are filled with p e d o s. WHEN GENO IN SMASH! IT'S BEEN 10 LONG YEARS! You have to understand, The Nintendo Switch is my only system because my PC is slow and not willing to buy another game system because I'm a cheapskate and frugal. Even Xbox Game Pass is a better deal then submissive Nintendo Online that is a waste of money buy. Only good for beta test Animal Crossing in early access that cost full price. In my opinion that Nintendo sucks right now because of you guys and the whole community. Even you reading this! You fanbois always "shut up and take my money", if you love Nintendo so much then buy their stock even it's going down. You guys never understand responsibility with your money. You never understand that the money is like a vote, if you think these games are bad, don't buy it to show Nintendo and make lose their money. Let Nintendo understand how shit they are to get better. If you never understand to vote/money then that just basic ignorance. Like I'm not buying a new Mario game because the gameplay and story are not for my high standers on a company that cares for the games then profit. Sure we have YouTube Channels to help us but Nintendo doesn't even care. Remember that CEO Bowser, Nintendo Japan, and even my body is ready Reggie doesn't care about you, they only care about money. To be honest with you this community needs to get better on criticism the Nintendo company itself or we (the gamer) will be a laughing stock like the Pokemon company and their fans.

Also why you buying digital games in another county to get even cheaper games, you do understand how taxes work and helping your local economy. Hey, if you want to deal with the IRS by yourself then good luck lol.

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