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FREE to Play MMORPGS. My Current Favorites.

Gamingtodaynews1b - FREE to Play MMORPGS. My Current Favorites.

These are ones I've picked up or been playing while waiting for the next big thing. Not in any particular order.


  • Should be a "duh" but amazing game after reaching max level.
  • Uses a hybrid of tab-targeting and some action based moves.
  • Cash shop exists, but is 100% convenience/aesthetics based.
  • No subscription required for anything however expansions must be purchased.


  • By far the best leveling experience in any mmo in terms of story/lore/companion romance etc.
  • 99% tab-targetting.
  • Cash shop same as GW2.
  • Free to play model is very restrictive in many ways. Subscription status allows access to all expansion.


  • Clumping these three together because they're all downloaded via ncsoft site.
  • All have some p2w practices but the games themselves are free to enjoy.
  • Aion/Lineage use tab-targetting while BnS uses action combat.
  • None of the stories really got to me, but the overall game play was fun, especially BnS.


  • Some p2w practices.
  • Has subscription-type service available, however this premium status may also be purchased using in-game currency which can be done in a relatively short time. (Took me about 3 weeks to earn 1-month after starting the game)
  • Has some very unique trade/player home economies which I had a lot of fun with.


  • By far the most visually stunning mmo I have ever played.
  • Considered by many to have a strong end game p2w market. I have over 1000hrs logged and it never affected me.
  • Combat is 99% action based with an STRONG emphasis on grinding and open world pvp.
  • You have probably heard terrible things about this game but I highly recommend picking it up if just for the visuals.


  • Clumped these three because they're all anime based and extremely similar.
  • Combat is tab-targeting, but visually very fun considering.
  • Biggest down side to these three would be the low player populations but still worth playing imo.
  • Cash shop comes across as kind of scummy. There are side quests that require you purchase items from them -_-
  • Questing can get very monotonous, but still very fun games to throw 10+hrs into.
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  • Downside is it's an older game. Upside is the lore and questing are really well done and I'm not even big into the lotr.
  • This is one of those you pick up to play through the story and maybe chat with some friends while playing, not for the aesthetics or next-gen gameplay, but I still had fun with it.


  • I cant speak volumes on this because I only played for about 5 hours but it seemed pretty fun considering how old it is.


  • Still alive and kicking years after shutdown.
  • Both the Legends and Classic servers boast around 1,000 players last I checked. This may not seem like a lot but it's just enough that you'll still run into people constantly.

Getting tired.

I'll add more to this as I come across any gems out there. Been really searching for games to play until classic's release which will hopefully last me a couple months until swtor's expansion in September.

I don't really plan on adding anything I haven't played, but if you have a game that belongs here I'll check it out.

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