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Game Launchers – Polluting Environment

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Yesterday I saw on a non-Reddit forum a post about this topic, it was quickly removed by representatives of the game, so I think that some elements of the industry are trying to hide what the poster had discovered.

Some MMO/MMORPG game launchers do not close when you exit the game.. (leaving them unnecessarily running for many hours)

– Elite Dangerous, ESO, EvE (there are probably many more).

Here is my take on it:

I can see no benefit that this feature offers the user/customer, in fact it appears to only cause problems: adding to time in-game on platforms like Steam – which use up the 2 hour refund limit, monitoring/spying on users activities, and using up electricity on potentially 100's of millions of computers.

While the environment is important to me, it is NOT as important as the standard of mmorpg games 🙂

So how does this negatively affect the quality of my mmorpg gaming experience ?

Well.. if Steam considers an open launcher as you being "in-game", can the data being collected by the game publisher also be presented to show you to be "in-game" ?

If the answer to this is yes, then who ever gathers and/or reports this data – could use it to misrepresent average "hours in-game" when they have meetings with those making development direction decisions. For example they could show that the current direction of development is more popular than it actually is..



ACTION: By making this an environmental issue (maybe talking to Greta) – and on that basis alone getting publishers to close launchers when the game it's self is closed by the user.

RESULT: As a by-product this would remove the opportunity from elements within a publisher's organisation to falsely represent a happier player-base, giving management of development direction a more accurate data set.

Before anyone makes any reference to "tinfoil hats" – I can assure you from personal experience of working in organisations, some employing over 100,000 people and generating billions of dollars/euros annually, that "data-fudging" is a very common tool. I have witnessed it being openly used by 1000's of employees in a single hub, facilitating middle to upper management to hide failures and misdirect Directors/CEOs/shareholders decisions on a global scale, even when they are all being audited internally and externally by 3rd party ISO inspectors.

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