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Gamers have become so impatient lately.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Gamers have become so impatient lately.

Is it just me, or have gamers become more impatient than ever?

Maybe it's specifically because everyone is sitting inside under a lockdown with nothing better to do, but it seems everywhere I look gamers just can't stop being so impatient.

I was watching Alanah Pierce's video about GTA6 and apparently a lot of people are constantly yelling for news about GTA6, or a confirmation that it's coming. People begging for leaks, and analyzing every detail about the company and the developer's personal lives just to get a hint to see if GTA6 is coming out.

And in the very same vein, people are screaming at devs like Platinum and From Software for announcing Bayonetta 3 and Elden Ring way too early, and having to wait too long between announcement and release.

"Elden Ring doesn't exist," "Bayo 3 is never coming out," "It's been 300 days and counting since an update from the devs." Jokes that are repeated and repeated. Beaten to death and into a fine paste. Good video games take years and years to make, and there's also a worldwide pandemic making everyone's jobs harder.

Is it really a bad thing to announce you're working on a game early? Why is this so reviled by the community? Are people really so impatient they can't wait a few years until a game is ready to release? Me personally, I find it great. Knowing they are working on something that I can say the name of, is comforting. It gives me something to look forward to long-term.


On top of all this, people keep wondering why video games come out before they are ready. Cyberpunk 2077 was a buggy, broken mess. Now I'm not blaming this on the fans, there are plenty of people at fault who work at CDPR. But devs have stated they got death threats every time they had to delay the game. How is that fair at all?

"The cookies won't be ready for another 10 minutes, be patient." Then, when mom turns her back, they take them out of the oven and wonder why they taste like goopy shit.

And it's not like we're starved for entertainment. Hell, we're beyond over-saturated with it. There are more games to play than hours you have in a day. That's not even an exaggeration. Steam reports 10,000 games came out in 2020. That averages to 28 video games released every single day.

I feel like this is a gaming exclusive thing too. I feel like I don't see this with movies, or tv shows. At least not to the same degree.

I dunno, end of rant. What do you guys think? Am I way off the mark? Just something I wanted to get off my chest for a while now. I apologize if my tone is too argumentative or negative, that's not my intent, I'm genuinely curious as to why this seems to be so commonplace, especially here on reddit.

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