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Games 2018 – Are Shitstorms the new Feedback?

Gamingtodaynews1e - Games 2018 - Are Shitstorms the new Feedback?

To all gamers. Just take a few minuts and think about all the games of 2018.

Beginning with games like "age of empires 1 Remake", "Sea of thieves" to the latest games "CoD BO4", "Battlefield V", "Fallout 76"

There are tons of negative Comments/Feedbacks/Videos about most of the games that are released or announced.

What i want to know is, is it apropriate? Are the Developers not making up to their promises or are we setting our expectations too high? Or is it maybe a domino effect of pointing out 1 single negative aspect?

Here's what i think:

-Sure there are always negative aspects when a game comes out and also mistakes the developer are doing. I don't know if any game met my expectations 100% and often you aren't satisfied with some things. There are things that drive you crazy (Like Diablo immortal – just my opinion)


-There are shitstorms like that about playing a woman in the 2nd WW in Battlefield. And I don't think that a Shitstorm is apropriate for this topic.

What i want you to do is think about a game and maybe give it a try BEFORE you judge a game that hard.

Never stop your critisism but always think about it twice and don't just hate.

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