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Games as an art form: “Fun” is subjective.

Gamingtodaynews1g - Games as an art form: "Fun" is subjective.

I’m responding to Maegordotexe on his post titled “Games as an art form: Do they really have to be fun?”

Games, now more than ever, are a legitimate art form. For obvious reasons. You kind of lost me at Dunkey being a “funny and intelligent Youtuber”. Dunkey ridicules great artistic games because that’s what his viewers want to see. It’s a comedic channel. Not one that appreciates games as art. You explain some of your favorite games ever are not traditionally fun at all and that puzzles me. Oblivion is one of my fondest memories back in 2008. Everything from the world building to the character stat building. It was so good when it first came out. For so many reasons. Life is Strange had a good story with real consequences. I had a blast with it through out and I primarily play games like Bloodborne. “Senua is another interactive film with very boring and unnecessary combat”. This makes me laugh because the only reason I could get through this game was the simple but brutal countering and combo gameplay. I think you can see why this is puzzling to me.

What you define as fun or not is not what the next gamer finds fun or not. Hence why now more than ever games are an art form. There is something for everyone in every game! “However, because of this kind of backlash developers face regularly and the pressure they get to add more “gameplay” like in Senua, it actually ends up diminishing what could have been a flawless experience.” It sounds like you just want to watch movies and not play games my guy. Unfortunately for you that is not what all gamers look for. At one point you argue that the only thing separating games from other media is interaction (and I agree) but then bemoan the interactive parts in games like Senua. I'm lost here with the contradictions.


“Until gamers stop ridiculing stuff like Death Stranding and open their minds” again man you are generalizing “gamers”. The world of gamers does not watch Dunkey only. He is a comedic piece first. Most gamers DO appreciate what Death Stranding brought to the table.

Instead, the point of this post, is to help you guys find legitimate thinkers in the space of games. I’d like to shift your attention away from the McDonald variety viewing of Donkeys and watch a critique or two. Below are some Youtubers I follow for all things gaming as art, reviews, critiques, storytelling, pacing, you name it. Let me know if any of these peak your interest.

Resonant Arc In-depth video essays and podcasts on the techniques of good storytelling.

Joseph Anderson In-depth video game reviews and critiques, with a sharp focus on gameplay and narrative where applicable.

Matthewmatosis In-depth games reviews and analysis, nothing more; nothing less.

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